Koh Young-pyo wrote the history of KT Wiz. Double-digit wins for the first three years in a row. However, there was another record he was conscious of.먹튀검증

Ko Young-pyo started the match against the Doosan Bears in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 6th, and pitched well with 1 run (1 earned), 6 hits, 1 walk, and 5 strikeouts in 7 innings, winning 10 seasons (5 losses). took care of

Ko Young-pyo passed the crisis without conceding until the 5th inning. After one out in the bottom of the 6th inning, he allowed a double to Jose Rojas, and Kim Jae-hwan’s true base put the second out and third base in danger. Then, he conceded a run in Kim In-tae’s at-bat with a wild pitch. However, after that, he was responsible for 7 innings without a run.

Koh Young-pyo became KT’s first player to record double-digit wins for three consecutive years. There are a total of three players who have recorded double-digit wins for two consecutive years. These are William Cuevas (2019-2020), Exclusiveness (2019-2020), and Audrey Samer Despine (2020-2021). Koh Young-pyo surpassed this record and achieved the club’s first record.

After the match, Koh Young-pyo said, “I heard that it was KT’s first record. I didn’t pay much attention to that record. I thought that if you pitched well, it would follow. It feels good to achieve a good record. I want to say thank you to the team players.” said.

Koh Young-pyo said, “I have achieved 10 wins, but I don’t think that 10 wins is something I can do with my own abilities. That’s why I pursue other records.” “There are many records that are better than 10 wins. There are many interesting records, such as dragging the ball and the percentage of walks and strikeouts. I want to be recognized for other things as well.”

Koh Young-pyo recorded the game quality start plus (QS+, 7 or more innings and 3 earned runs or less) that day and continued QS+ for 5 consecutive games. He is also 10 consecutive quality starts (QS, 3 earned runs or less in 6 or more innings). It is an activity worthy of the nickname ‘Go Quality (Ko Young-pyo + Quality Start)’.

Koh Young-pyo said, “I am conscious of the QS record. It is always my mission. I aim for it and play with a fast count on the mound to prevent innings with a small number of pitches.” “I know it’s the 14th QS+. I want to do more than 16 in a single season,” he said.

There is a clear reason why Koh Young-pyo continues to pitch a lot of innings. This is because the number of pitches per inning is low. He doesn’t allow a walk as much as he does. This season, Ko Young-pyo allowed only 10 walks while striking out 86 times. The walk allowed to Kang Seung-ho at the bottom of the 7th inning in this game was the first walk since the game against Hanwha Eagles in Daejeon on June 27th. It is a walk allowed in 6 games.

Koh Young-pyo said, “A walk is a joke, and it seems to have the feeling of ‘I hate to die’. I really hate walking off the mound. I’d rather be right.” I did. I want to play a game without walks in the future.”

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