Jang Hyun-seok (19) of the LA Dodgers, who was playing for the national team for the first time, spoke about his dream of playing for the national team in the future. 스포츠토토

Jang Hyun-seok, who took his first step toward the major league challenge by signing a contract with the Dodgers for $1 million (about 1.3 billion won) on August 9, returned to Korea through Incheon International Airport after completing the ‘2022 Hangzhou Asian Games’ schedule on the 8th. 

Jang Hyun-seok, the only amateur player selected to play for the national baseball team at the Asian Games, took the mound in the match against Hong Kong (1 inning, scoreless hold) and China (1 inning, 1 run) and played his part. He showed his potential by throwing fastballs in the upper 150 km/h range. The Korean team successfully completed the competition by winning the gold medal. 

In an interview after entering the country, Jang Hyun-seok said, “This is the first time in my life that I have played for the national team. It is an honor to receive a gold medal on such a big stage. I feel really happy. I was very nervous until the last moment. The hyungs were all nervous too, but I’m really glad that it ended well. “It was nice to see the hyungs look so happy,” he said, expressing his thoughts after finishing the competition. 

Jang Hyun-seok, who was selected as a member of the adult national team for the first time and experienced an international competition, said, “I was nervous. He also had a desire to do well. I am satisfied that my nervousness and throwing the ball led to good results. “I would like to give it about 80 points out of 100,” he said. 

Jang Hyun-seok said, “Because it was an adult national team, everyone was brothers and seniors.” He added, “I was very nervous at first, but my brothers approached me first, so I felt comfortable. Now I have learned a lot about things like exercises and breaking balls. “I feel like I’m seeing, feeling, and learning a lot,” he said, expressing his gratitude to his older brothers who took care of him. 

Jang Hyun-seok, who heads to the United States through an international amateur contract with the Dodgers, must overcome numerous obstacles to achieve his dream of making his Major League debut. Receiving special military service benefits through this competition is expected to be of great help to Jang Hyun-suk’s career. 

Jang Hyun-seok, who said, “My goal is to get to the big league as soon as possible,” added, “And if the opportunity arises, I have a desire to participate in international competitions such as the WBC (World Baseball Classic) or Premier 12 and get good results with my brothers. there is. Of course I want to participate in international competitions. Becoming a member of the Korean national team is definitely something to be proud of. “If you are called in the future, I would like to respond,” he said, expressing his ambition to further represent the country. 

“I felt a lot through this tournament,” said Jang Hyun-seok, who looked back on the tournament and said, “When I saw the professional players’ performances, I felt that amateur players’ performances were really just amateurs. The professional world is different, and everything his older brothers did, whether it was warming up or doing weight training, was different. “After seeing and feeling those things, I think I have some ideas about what to do when I go to the United States,” he said, and pledged to use the experience of this tournament as nourishment to perform well in the United States.

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