Moon Dong-ju, who is called the future of Hanwha, is training hard at spring camp to get rid of last year’s disappointment.

Watching the ball of his idol, Greinke, renewed his resolve all season.

This is reporter Park Jae-woong from Mesa, USA.


Unusual foreign players can be seen on one side of Hanwha’s training ground.

The ball thrown from the mound is unusual.

He wasn’t wearing a uniform, so he couldn’t be recognized at first glance, but it was Greinke from Cy Young, who won 223 games in a 19-year big league career.

Upon hearing the news that Greinke was doing personal training, Moon Dong-ju jumped out during the meal… right behind the catcher, watching each ball closely.

[Moon Dong-joo / Hanwha]
“Honestly, I can’t experience this… I’ve seen a lot of players since I was young… I think it’s time to focus.”

Moon Dong-ju’s expression, which looked at the pitch of a great pitcher that he had only seen on TV, became more serious as time went on.

And he recalled the regrets of last year.

Although he won his first professional win in his last game, it was because the performance did not match the 1st nomination.

[Moon Dong-ju / Hanhwa]
“Last year, because it was my first time playing, I haven’t fully adapted to the professional league yet, and since I won my first win in the last game (with a good memory), I think I can better prepare for this season.”

Moon Dong-ju, who promised a turnaround this year, raised expectations by shooting 151 km/h from his first bullpen pitch.

The presence of Kim Seo-hyun, a newly added rookie, is also a good stimulus.

[Moon Dong-joo / Hanwha]
“Since I’m a completely different type from me, I try to watch and learn a lot while playing catch… (Kim) Seohyun says he wants to finish, but you only know it when you try it, so it seems to be a good motivator…”

Still challenging for Rookie of the Year Moon Dong-ju, a 2nd year can do it, is sweating beads while aiming for a twist in the 2nd season.

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