Lee Eun-byeol of Gyeonggi Physical Education High School won the first championship of the season in the 70kg class of the 14th Cheongpunggi National Judo Championships.

Lee Eun-byeol met her teammate Go Eun-ah, who won two gold medals in the 63kg class this season (Suncheon Bay National Garden Cup, Yongin University General Championship) in the finals of the girls’ high school 70kg class on the second day of the competition held at Seokwoo Cultural Gymnasium at Cheongju University in Chungcheongbuk-do on the 6th. In seconds, she won the waist kick and won the first gold medal in the individual event of the season.

Previously, Lee Eun-byeol passed the first round with a bye, then won a field bridge over Park Ha-jeong (Incheon Physical High School) in the round of 16, a waist-sucking win over Noh Ji-won (Gochang Youngseon High School) in the quarter-finals, and a half-suck to Lee Hyun-ji (Gumi Dogae High School) in the semifinals. I won and made it to the finals.

Coach Jeong Do-woon of Gyeonggi Physical Education High School said, “(Lee) Eun-byeol has been consistently active in team events and contributed to the team championship, but it was unfortunate that he did not win the individual event, but it is fortunate. I hope that with this opportunity, we will continue to work hard so that we can take a step forward and stay at the top steadily.”

In addition, Lee Hye-bin (Uijeongbu Gyeongmin High School) in the female high school +78kg class took three maps from Kim Min-young (Seoul Chego) in the finals and won by foul play, and also won her first championship of the season. Previously, Lee Hye-bin defeated Sim Bo-gyeong (Youngseon High School) by one round in the first round, then won a field bridge victory over Heo Heo-eun (Daegu Physical High School) in the second round, and won a round victory over Jeong Seon-ah (Gyeonggi Physical Education High School) in the semifinals.

On the other hand, Jang Hye-yoon (Gyeonggi Weight) in the 70kg class in the women’s middle class first took half of the field leg from Jeon Na-ra (Incheon Shinhyeon Girls’ Middle School) in the finals, and then took a shove-up bout with 52 seconds left to win the championship. This season’s Suncheonman Bay National Garden Cup and Spring Elementary, Middle, and High School Championships were followed by three crowns in the season.

Previously, Jang Hye-yoon defeated Lee Hyun-ah (Incheon Yeonseong Middle School) with a single Andari match in the first round, followed by a bye in the second round, and Lee Ga-hee (Daegu Standing Middle School) in the quarterfinals, and Choi Eun-seo (Gwangju Munsan Middle School) in the semi-finals with a back-up. entered into안전놀이터

In the women’s mid +70kg class finals, Cha Eun-seo (Shinhyeon Girls’ Middle School) defeated Lee Chae-yeong (Young Seon Middle School) in one round to win the championship. got it in hand

Yu Joo-hyeon (Sinhyeonbuk Elementary School, Incheon) in the southern 54kg class and Lim Soo-kyung (Geumgok Elementary School, Namyangju) in the +52kg class in the female elementary school also defeated Kim Min-joon (Shinhyeonbuk Elementary School) and Moon Da-hee (Jeju Hagwi Elementary School) in the finals, respectively, and accompanied them to the top by foul play and hardening.

On this night, Hwang Do-hyeon (Uijeongbu G Sports Club) in the 60kg male class, Park Ji-ah (Gyeonggi Weight) in the 63kg class in the female middle class, Lim Seong-min (Uijeongbu Gyeongmin High School) in the 100kg class in the middle class, and Kwon Ryong-wan (Geumgok High School in Namyangju) with +100p lost in the finals and won the runner-up side by side. did.

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