Inje restored their shattered pride by winning their first title of the season. The team’s joy was doubled by the fact that it was their first title after overcoming a series of injuries.

Skydive Inje pulled off a dramatic come-from-behind 19-17 victory over Black Label Sports in the men’s Korea League final of the third Yangsan edition of the ‘KBA 3×3 Korea Tour 2023’ at Yangsan Cheonin Line Skating Rink in Yangsan, Gyeongnam, on 4 April. The victory marked Inje’s resurgence as they claimed their first title of the season.

After the arrival of Noh Seung-jun this season, the team struggled to find chemistry between the old and new players. The team suffered a series of setbacks in the first and second Seoul and Inje tournaments, and it was even said that the ‘Skynet Inje era’ was over.스포츠토토

This time, too, the prospects of winning the tournament were dim, as JBY SPORTS suffered a blow from the first game of the qualifiers. To make matters worse, shooter Kim Min-seop suffered an ankle injury during the qualifiers on the 4th, leaving them with only three players for the final tournament on the 5th, and Ha Do-hyun’s unexpected wrist injury in the final further pushed them into a corner.

But Inje was Inje, and their strength came in crunch time. Down by four points with just over three minutes to go and looking like a lost cause, Ha Do-hyun’s injury heroics and the harmonious combination of Noh Seung-jun and Park Min-soo sparked a comeback.

After a two-pointer by Park Min-soo tied the score at 13-13, Skynet Inje turned the tide of the game by forcing Black Label Sports into a turnover. The tiebreaker came with 50 seconds left in regulation. It was Ha Do-hyun who turned the game around. With the score tied at 16-16, Ha made an incredible left-hand drive-in with an injured right wrist to give his team their first lead of the day. Kim Min-seop, who was watching the game from the stands, encouraged his teammates by shouting even louder, and Skydive Inje took full advantage of the momentum.

With 30 seconds left in the game, Ha Do-hyun hit a two-pointer, this time from the top of the key, to make it a three-point game (19-16). It was a counterpunch that actually drove a wedge into the game. With the tension rising, Ha got a steal to bring the offence back into the game, and the game ended as time ran out.

The final match between Skydown Inje and Black Label Sports, which featured the highest level of 3×3 play at the Korea Tour main event, was a nail-biter until the very last minute, with Skydown Inje overcoming injury woes to pull off a dramatic upset and prove why they are the best 3×3 team in Korea.

Meanwhile, runners-up Black Label Sports saw their four-point lead slip away and will have to wait until next time for a chance to win their first League Division title. Black Label Sports were left to rue the loss as they were completely overwhelmed by Inje’s momentum in the final minutes of the game.

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