Although he scored two points, Han Chae-jin’s control over the game was enormous.

Incheon Shinhan Bank met Cheongju KB Stars in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 Women’s Professional Basketball regular league held at Cheongju Gymnasium on the 17th and won 68-55.

Shinhan Bank showed hot firepower from the first quarter. scored 25 points. Kim Jin-young (177cm, F) was responsible for 12 of them. Shinhan Bank overwhelmed the opponent from the first quarter.

In the second quarter, I was once pushed back by the opponent’s strong energy. However, Kudoo (180cm, F) used his height to score consecutively. In addition, the performance of other players was added, and the run was successful at 9-0. The score gap widened again. Despite conceding at the end of the quarter, the half ended 41-24.

Even in the middle of the third quarter, the score difference was maintained with the players’ even points. However, at the end of the third quarter, the opponent allowed three three-point shots in a row and the score gap narrowed. The third quarter ended 57-44. But he didn’t care until the end. With Sonia Kim (178cm, F) and Jinyoung Kim scoring, the gap widened again. On top of that, the other players scored evenly and won the game with the remaining time remaining.

The first contributor to victory was Kim Jin-young. They took the lead by scoring 12 points from the first quarter. After that, he scored at crucial moments and scored a total of 19 points. Sonia Kim also recorded 17 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 steals as the team’s ace.

Nonetheless, Shinhan Bank coach Gunadan mentioned Han Chae-jin (174cm G), who played 30 minutes and scored 2 points, first in an interview after the match.

Coach Koo said, “(Han) Chae-jin holds the center in defense and rebounding. There are many forward resources. (Kim) Sonia and (Kim) Jinyoung go aggressively. The guard’s rebound battles are increasing. There, Chaejin was gifted with position selection and timing. That skill gave him a rebound advantage. So the game went well. Without Chaejin, he is difficult defensively.”

In fact, on this day, Han Chae-jin scored 2 points, but he made a huge contribution in defense and rebounding. He grabbed 10 total rebounds. Five of those were offensive rebounds. The attempted shooting was 3, but the pass helped the team attack. He understood the movement of his teammates and helped the attack. As a result, he also recorded 5 assists.

He also contributed on defense. 스포츠토토When his teammates missed his defense, he made up for it and often went to help defense. The player he was supposed to be in charge of was also persistently blocked. And there were no fouls committed. Although he is a veteran, he did not spare himself. This dedication drew praise from director Koo.

Han Chae-jin is the oldest player in WKBL as well as Shinhan Bank. His career appearances are 593, which puts him only 7 games behind the all-time leader. He will soon be named the most appearances in WKBL history. Nevertheless, Han Chae-jin is still chosen as the center of Shinhan Bank. He has lost the scoring ability of the past, but he is showing dedication and fighting spirit that makes him forget his age. This fits better with Shinhan Bank players who have a strong tendency to attack.

Shinhan Bank, with Han Chae-jin’s dedication and effort, broke the expectation that it would be in the lower ranks before the season and rose to a tie for second place. The record is not flashy, but Han Chae-jin is still active as the center of Shinhan Bank.

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