The current win rate is 0.154, and the club’s lowest win rate is 0.167.온라인바카라

Fans of Hana 1Q in the 2022-2023 season would have dreamed of better results than last season. Shin Ji-hyeon, who obtained FA (free agent) qualifications, chose to stay, and with new manager Kim Do-wan appointed, it was expected that Hana One Q would become a little better. However, when I opened the lid of this season, I have passed the 6th round, but I have not yet won the 5th win of last season. As of the 16th, it is recording 4 wins and 22 losses, and the winning rate is 0.154.

There are mountains to overcome Its name is ‘club’s lowest win rate’. Hana 1 Q recorded a record of 5 wins and 25 losses last season, with a win rate of 0.167, rewriting the club’s lowest win rate. At least one win must be added this season to record a tie.

It won’t be easy. Three of Hana OneQ’s four wins this season were against KB Stars. The remaining one win was won by Yongin Samsung Life Insurance. On the 15th, they had their last match against KB Stars this season, so the remaining matches are against Woori Bank in Asan, Shinhan Bank in Incheon, and BNK Some in Busan, which they have never won. The match against Samsung Life Insurance, which won one, remains.

The only glimmer of hope is that 3 teams, excluding BNKsome, have already confirmed their advance to the playoffs. In order to prepare for the playoffs, you can play in the direction of trying out physical strength or various tactics and rotations. If you aim for that small gap, there will be no disgrace to update the club’s lowest win rate.

Will Hana One Q be able to avoid the team’s lowest win rate? There are 4 games left for Hana 1Q, and the fastest is against Woori Bank on the 18th.

On the other hand, the lowest win rate ever in WKBL is 0.114 (4 wins, 31 losses) in the 2017-2018 season of Guri KDB (now BNK Some) after the 2007-2008 season when WKBL was implemented as a single league.

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