Until last week, with the unfortunate situation continuing due to partial and total cancellation of races for safety reasons, the Headquarters of Motorboat Racing Motorcycling Headquarters has increased the number of races for a month starting from the 5th round (February 1) for smooth operation of races, from 17 races per day. It was announced that it would be reduced to 12 races and the start time of one race would be changed from 11:40 to 1:00 p.m.

Even if the race is held, it will definitely have a lot of impact on the performance because it is inevitable to run the race in a different environment than usual. If you have poor sleep due to the cold wave, it seems necessary to set up a betting strategy that suits you.

According to the National Sports Promotion Agency on the 31st, winter sleep is relatively hard. For this reason, accidents such as rollovers and falling water at the beginning of the season occur every race day. It is often seen that the turn of the entanglement or the draw is greatly delayed, so it is worth considering that it is not easy to take an aggressive 1-turn deployment unless you are a strong person who is confident in turning.메이저놀이터

The normally unfavorable out course becomes even more unfavorable. Because the ice freezes from the edge of the race water, in severe cases, out-course runners may be hindered from a smooth start.

As much as the out-course is at a disadvantage, the in-course is inevitably advantageous. Overall, since the first turn is greeted after the start with the players’ intervals narrower than usual, the risk of blocking the path of the out-course increases.

As such, due to the sleeping state, strong players with good in-course and turning are gaining an advantage, so the overall dividend flow seems to be flowing in a low-dividend pattern.

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