There are many speculations that Hwang Hee-chan will be the starting pitcher in the match against Liverpool.

Wolverhampton will play the 22nd round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-23 season with Liverpool at Molineux Stadium in Wolverhampton, England at 0:00 am (Korean time) on the 5th. Wolverhampton is 17th with 17 points (4 wins, 5 draws, 11 losses), and Liverpool is in 10th place with 29 points (8 wins, 5 draws, 6 losses).

Liverpool is a burdensome opponent for Wolverhampton, who is trying to widen the distance from the relegation zone. Liverpool are winless in their last 3 league games, but are strong against Wolverhampton. This season, he recorded all wins against Wolverhampton in four matches before the FA Cup match in England, which drew 2-2. In the FA Cup replay, they won 1-0 to advance to the next round. The probability of winning itself is low, but Wolverhampton is aiming for a reversal victory.

Attack power is important. With the arrival of coach Julen Lopetegui, the performance has improved, but the scoring ability is still at a standstill. Wolverhampton, who scored only 12 points in 20 games, is the last EPL team to score. There are only three players who have scored more goals than Wolverhampton. There are Erling Haaland (25 goals), Harry Kane (16 goals) and Ivan Toni (13 goals). The three attackers are good at scoring, but as much as Wolverhampton scoring is serious. 메이저사이트

This is why they acquired Matheus Cunha and Pablo Sarabia in the winter transfer market. Wolverhampton attack options have increased as Kunya, Sarabia, who can go out in various positions and has scoring power, returned to Pedro Netu, who was injured. The most important thing is how you put them together. Even though coach Lopetegi raised the content of the game itself, it is judged that there will be a change because the offensive power was disappointing.

The British ‘Birmingham Mail’ predicted that Daniel Podense, Cunha and Sarabia would form the starting attacking team in the match against Liverpool on the 3rd. Hwang Hee-chan, who has consistently been a starting pitcher, is missing. The media predicted, “Hwang Hee-chan, Raul Jimenez, and Adama Traore, who failed in the previous match against Manchester City, will not be used against Liverpool. Cuña and Sarabia, who have adapted to the substitution, are likely to appear in the starting lineup.”

It was the opinion that Cunha and Sarabia would continue to be regular starters. The British ‘Molyneux News’ also predicted a three-top Podense, Kunya, and Sarabia. Likewise, there was no Hwang Hee-chan.

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