The Nangar League is also a close match, but the intensity of the Sudam League is more intense. In particular, the gap between the 2nd and 5th places is extremely tight. It is bitten by a blank sheet of paper.

There is a match that should never be missed in this game. It is a confrontation with the Japanese origin. Nippon Kii lost all 10 games until the previous round. It is writing a disgraceful record for the most consecutive losses by a team in the history of the Go League, which has exceeded the previous 8 consecutive losses. So, it is bound to be a fatal blow to the team that even loses to Nippon Ki-in.

5th place Ulsan Korea Zinc started accumulating points. It is a game where you can rise to 2nd place if you win. On the evening of the 24th, Ulsan Korea Zinc won 3-1 and took 3 points in the Sudam League Round 7, 3 matches held online at Seoul Baduk TV Headquarters and Tokyo Headquarters, respectively.

Choi Jeong, 9th Dan, gave Yuichi Hirose, 7th Dan, the first point. In the first match, he was undefeated after 224 moves. It is a picture of him going through a slump after winning his first Senko Cup victory on the 5th. 1 win and 6 losses after winning, the last 5 losses in a row.온라인카지노

The turning point was the come-from-behind victory of 6th Dan Hong Moo-jin over Yuki Sakai, 4th Dan. Subsequently, captain Shin Min-joon of 9th dan turned the tide of the battle by defeating 4th dan with Fukuoka Kota.

His eldest brother, Yoon Jun-sang, was in charge of the finish line. Ryuhei Onishi was hit by a 7th dan and dragged to around 190 moves, but overturned at the end of the game. After more than 2 hours of fighting, I left a half house.

The story of Ban Gizeung aroused tension. When both sides use it correctly, the win or loss is divided by just one difference in a situation where there are close to 20 pit feelings. Yoon Jun-sang When the mouse cursor in the 9th step went to a place where it should not be placed (one more fat feeling was allowed), the review room exclaimed.

Director Park Seung-hwa said, “Actually, the calculation of the fat was not going well in the review room, so I was thinking of watching until the end, but the artificial intelligence was predicting victory, so I wondered if we would win.”

9th Dan Jun-sang Yoon, who survived with 2 wins after 4 consecutive losses, said, “At first, the fat count was not good and I thought it might be a little too much, but it was harder than I thought.

On the evening of the 25th, Posco Future M and Go Mecca’s government will play 1 match in the 5th round of the interleague. The individual matches were Seongjin Won-Hyeonjun Seol (1:0), Minkyu Park-Wonyoung Lee (1:1), Woojin Han-Jiseok Kim (1:1), Youtaek Kang-Sangjin Park (0:1, opponents in parentheses).

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