Doosan Bears’ Kim Dong-ju (22, Doosan) is saving the team. Breaking away from the Alcantara “lose-lose” formula, Kim Dong-ju pitched well in the home game. He blocked the Kia line-up with 5 sporadic hits in 7 innings. There was not even a crisis to speak of. The ball was slower than the opponent, but the sense of stability was much better.

Kim Dong-joo is averaging 5.0 innings this season with a WHIP of 1.27 and an ERA of 1.85.

In terms of innings, until the day before, he was throwing 24.1 innings, 4th after Alcantara, Kwak Bin, and Choi Won-jun. Kim Dong-ju is a pitcher who competes with a slider that drops from a high RBI rather than a fast ball. Even this season, the percentage of sliders is higher than that of four-seamers. Here, the forkball that falls intermittently exerts its power. Because he is so tall. His strength is that he has a soft pitching form compared to his tall stature.

Kim Dong-ju was an ambitious player selected by Doosan three years ago. He was mentioned as a candidate for the first place in the Seoul area, but many clubs hesitated. because of the condition of the arm. All officials gave up the nomination after seeing him lose his speed after 2 innings. However, Doosan, who held the 10th position at the time, was determined to give up two years and boldly nominated Kim Dong-ju. And now we are seeing the fruits of that.

Currently, Doosan has Kwak Bin left due to an injury, and the Dylan file is not as good as expected. A Doosan official said, “Kwak Bin will probably take a little longer,” and he nuanced that the hiatus may be longer than expected. I’m looking forward to the end of May, but pitchers are very sensitive. In particular, Kwak Bin’s waist is all the more so because he has caused trouble in the past. Even if he returns, it is unknown if he will be able to throw many pitches.

In the meantime, Kim Dong-joo completely blocked Kia’s batting line until the 6th inning without even a crisis to speak of. At this level, in fact, even if Gwak Bin returns, Kim Dong-ju’s place will remain unchanged.메이저놀이터

It was a moment when a faint smile passed at the corners of the lips of Doosan scout team leader Yoon-hyeok Yoon, who nominated Kim Dong-ju while looking toward the future. Kim Dong-joo ranked 3rd in the team in innings and ERA of 1.71, surpassing Altantara and standing tall as 1st.

Doosan is ahead of Kia by 3-1 in the 8th inning amid Kim Dong-joo’s great performance and Rojas’ home run. Kim Dong-ju handed over the mound to Jeong Cheol-won in the 8th inning and completed the task of the day.

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