“I didn’t expect it at all.”

Eight days passed. However, the afterglow of KIA’s first triple steal that day seems to remain for a long time. April 29th Jamsil LG exhibition. In the top of the ninth inning, 5-3, Han Seung-taek with two outs loaded bases, third base runner Kim Gyu-seong’s home steal, first base runner Socrates Brito, and second base runner Lee Woo-seong stole bases. At this point, it is worthy of being picked as the best scene after the opening of this season.

Even coach Kim Jong-guk revealed that he was unaware of Kim Kyu-sung’s home steal and triple-steal attempt, which aroused surprise. Kim Kyu-seong was already in a state of sympathy with third base coach Jae-Young Cho, and he completely played with LG lefty Ham Deok-joo and Park Dong-won’s battery. To the extent that Ham Deok-joo’s pitch hit Kim Kyu-seong’s body as he was sliding head-first into the home, LG was hit with his eyes open.

It is said that the KIA pitchers, who were in the third party position, were also surprised. Bullpen Kim Ki-hoon did not climb the mound that day, but it was possible for him to pitch. When the Changwon NC game on the 7th was canceled due to rain, he also looked back on that day and said, “I didn’t expect it at all.” “Kyuseong hyung is a tricky runner from the opponent’s point of view. If a runner like Kyu-seong plays that role, the team has a higher chance of winning.”

It is rumored that the preparation and detail of Jo Jae-young, the main base coach, are amazing. A KIA official said, “He really studies a lot. (Other clubs) I know all the pitchers’ habits.” With this one play, KIA’s vigilance toward baseball has gone up a notch. In fact, Kim Kyu-seong once became the runner on third base in a three-game home game against Lotte during the week, and he was excited in the crowd first.

On the other hand, KIA is also thoroughly preparing for baseball played by other clubs. Kim Ki-hoon said, “Recently, coach Park Ki-nam told us what our pitchers should check and pay attention to in preparation for the movements of runners from other teams.” It is the responsibility of the power analysis team and coaching staff to analyze and apply habits and patterns while playing against nine clubs throughout the season.스포츠토토

Kim Ki-hoon is a left-handed bullpen like Ham Deok-joo. He also said that it is not so easy to fully control the movement of a runner on third base because he sees first base and enters the pitching motion. He even confessed that he felt that baseball, which he played this season, was becoming active again due to the influence of LG and others.

Kim Ki-hoon said, “The pitching coach says that playing against the batter takes precedence over keeping runners in check. But he needs to keep runners in check, and his ability to hold when there are runners is also important. He seems to have to do a lot of timing battles too. He should be more prepared.”

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