“(Jung) Hoon was impressed.”

The Lotte Giants won the game against the NC Dinos at Changwon NC Park on the 21st, 3-2 after a close match in the 10th overtime. Lotte recorded 8 wins and 8 losses in the season with two consecutive victories, reaching a win rate of 50%. 

It is a game that Lotte has always been drawn to. 1 run in the 1st inning and 1 run in the 3rd inning. However, starter Na Kyun-an blocked it with the least run. 7 innings, 100 pitches, 3 hits, 2 walks, 1 walk, 6 strikeouts, 2 runs, quality start plus pitching, and supported the game. 

In the end, Lotte, who was blocked by NC starter Chang-Mo Koo for 6 innings, scored 1 point with Seung-Min Ko’s double stroke in the 8th inning safely loaded with bases, and Jin-Hyuk Noh’s double and wild throw against Lee Yong-Chan, who had an impregnable finish in the 9th inning, and Dong-Hui Han’s sacrifice fly 2-2. made a tie And the game went into overtime.

In overtime, the game was decided relatively quickly. Lotte scored the winning run in the 10th overtime, but it was a score of tenacity after two outs. Lotte faced left-hander Kim Young-kyu on the NC mound. Lotte’s left-handed lineman Kim Min-seok struck out, and Ahn Kwon-soo retreated with a ground ball to second baseman. easily became the 2nd company. And Lotte put another left-handed hitter, Koh Seung-min, at bat with right-handed hitter Jeong Hoon. 

Jeong-Hoon had a batting average of 9.1 Li (1 hit in 11 at-bats) before the match. Until last year, he was the starting first baseman, but he was pushed out of the starting position due to the joining of Ahn Kwon-soo and the switch to the first base position by promising star Koh Seung-min. And Jung Hoon could not easily get lost in this situation of change. Silence continued from the exhibition game to the regular season. 

He was competitive as a specialist against left-handed pitchers, but failed to show results. Nevertheless, Bench did not overlook the value of a veteran named Jung Hoon. 

Jung-hoon appeared as a pinch hitter for Koh Seung-min in the 10th inning with no runners on two outs, and walked out after a six-pitch battle. Based on his pioneering plan, which is also one of Jung-hoon’s strengths, he succeeded in getting on base through tenacious fighting. Even after two deaths, the effect was significant. After Jung-hoon went on base, Kim Yeong-gyu was shaken, and Jeon Jun-woo continued his chances by getting a hit that missed the center fielder. At this time, Jung Hoon reached third base while sprinting. He didn’t lose his concentration until the end and he slid head-first into third base.

The chance that led to Jung-hoon’s walk was made up to 2nd, 1st and 3rd bases. In the end, Jung-hoon ended the opportunity that led to Jung-hoon’s walk. Jack Rex’s turn at bat on 2nd out, 1st and 3rd base, and the 3rd pitch missed on the 2nd ball, but the ball fell back. It was a chaotic situation with the batter’s swing and wild throwing, but Jeong-hoon’s concentration was great, and he broke into the gap and swept home. NC’s response was quick, but Jung-hoon’s rush was faster. Video reading did not change the results. Jung Hoon’s tenacity led to the final score. 안전놀이터

After the game, Jung Hoon left the dugout with a shy expression. However, I knew all about Jung Hoon’s tenacity and his tenacity to win. Manager Larry Sutton praised him, saying, “Jung-Hoon went to base with a good starting point and was well prepared for the ball that fell out when he was a runner on third base, so a precious finish was made.”

Yoo Kang-nam, who scored 3 hits that day, also admired Jung-hoon’s play. Yoo Kang-nam said, “Today, Hoon got a walk at the end, but without that walk, no score came out. In the end, the running base play became the final point. I was impressed by Hoon.”

In addition, Yoo Kang-nam, who scored three hits on the day, emphasized that Jung-hoon’s advice was helpful. Yoo Kang-nam said, “I was talking with Hoon while eating rice, and he advised me, ‘I chase the ball too much’. That advice was a great help. It was a very good meal.” It seems to have happened,” he said, expressing his gratitude while sharing an anecdote with Jung Hoon.

Jung Hoon is a player who is like a model of human victory, having gone through the hard times of release, active military service, and training as a player, and even becoming a free agent (FA). Although this player was pushed out of the starting lineup, he silently and devotedly led the team to one win in the backup position. A senior veteran personally showed the aspect of the ‘one team’ pursued by coach Larry Sutton and Lotte.

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