“You seem to be studying more than ever.”

Everyone nods to the batting talent of outfielder Park Kun-woo (33, NC). From 2015 to last year, he marked a 300 batting average for 8 consecutive years. His career batting average is also above 3.2 (0.324). 2nd among active duty. The troubles are endless. He still feels inadequate. Park Gun-woo said, “I don’t think I can continue to lead a good flow this season.” For example, in the past, there were not many home runs, but many doubles were made, but not now. His pride in his hitting is shaking,” he said.

Expectations are so high. This season,토토사이트 Park Gun-woo recorded a batting average of 0.294 (86 hits in 293 bats), 8 homers and 47 RBIs in 79 games until the 2nd. He’s never a bad figure. He even has a steep upward curve, posting a batting average of 0.342 in his last 10 games. However, it seems that he does not live up to his own expectations. On the 1st, he shook his head, saying, “I really don’t know,” even after he had his first 4-hit game of the season against Lotte in Busan. Park Gun-woo said, “He kept changing his at-bat. He’s been trying out some Toe taps and trying this and that,” he said.

If necessary, he is willing to learn from his juniors as well. I asked Seo Ho-cheol, my junior of 10 years, for help. Park Kun-woo said, “(Seo) Ho-cheol has the simplest form to deal with fast balls. He is doing a lot of research while watching Hocheol.” He even sent long messages. Park Gun-woo said, “I’m sorry, but hyung asked me to tell you what routine and how to train because he will shoot a big meal. Thankfully, they sent it in detail. He threw the batting ball and watched how it swinged.”

This season is particularly eventful. My head is full of thoughts because baseball doesn’t work out the way I want. In the meantime, the burden of not being able to take care of his juniors is heavy. The person who cares the most is infielder Kim Joo-won. He is regarded as a big prospect, but has recently fallen into a slump. Park Kun-woo said, “(Kim) Joo-won is going through a difficult time. He showed a lot of tears, but he felt very sorry for not being able to give proper advice.”

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