All-Star center fielder Brian Reynolds (28) of the Pittsburgh Pirates caused a stir in early December of last year by requesting a trade from the club. 안전놀이터 Reynolds, who avoided the salary arbitration process by signing a two-year, $13.5 million contract before last season, had three years of service time left until free agency. Trade rumors persisted, but Pittsburgh did not easily sell the team’s best asset. 

In that situation, Reynolds first publicly demanded a trade, which embarrassed the Pittsburgh team. Pittsburgh unusually expressed disappointment with Reynolds in a club statement. In addition, he did not accept Reynolds’ trade request, saying, “I will remain a key member of our team for the next three years.” 

Several stories emerged about the background of Reynolds’ trade request. Some speculated that it was because of the team’s sluggish performance as they finished fifth in the Central Division of the National League for the last four years in a row, but in the end it was a matter of money. According to the New York Post of the United States on the 17th (Korean time), Pittsburgh offered Reynolds a six-year, $76 million extension. However, Reynolds took first baseman Matt Olsen, who signed an extended contract with the Atlanta Braves for $168 million in March last year, as a standard. When the difference was more than doubled, a disappointed Reynolds asked for a trade. 

Even Reynolds conceded. Reynolds, who joined Pittsburgh Spring Training in Bradenton, Florida, USA on the 16th, said in an interview with local media such as ‘’, “I requested a trade due to a difference of opinion with the club.” has not changed,” he replied. The six-year, $76 million offered by Pittsburgh is also the highest ever for the club, surpassing infielder Kibrian Hayes (8 years, $70 million), who signed an extended contract in April 2021, but Reynolds wants at least $100 million, so the gap is not narrowing. . 

Reynolds said, “I’ve been thinking about extending my contract with Pittsburgh for the past couple of years. We want it to be a fair contract for both sides, not favoring either the player or the club. that’s my first I have love for the Pittsburgh team, the city and the fans, and I am happy to live here. I am open to a long-term extension contract,” he said, still looking forward to staying in Pittsburgh. The New York Post predicted that the Pittsburgh would discuss it again this spring, saying that they wanted to extend the contract rather than trade Reynolds. 

Switch hitter outfielder Reynolds made his debut in Pittsburgh in 2019 and played an active part in 493 major league seasons with a batting average of .281, 500 hits, 74 homers, 239 RBIs, and an OPS of .842. With a . Last year, he hit the most home runs in 145 games with a batting average of .262, 142 hits, 27 homers, and 62 RBIs with an OPS of .807, enhancing his value as a big shot center fielder. 

He has three years left until free agency, including this year, so his value in the trade market is also very high. Reynolds, who wanted to be valued for his extended contract, eventually expressed his dissatisfaction with a trade request. “I think players have the right to feel that way too. But I can’t force anything on the club,” he said. “I asked for a trade, but it won’t affect preparations for the season. I’m in Pittsburgh, and I’m going to give my best 100% where I’m at my feet. I came here to have a good season,” he said, emphasizing that he would focus on preparing for the season. 

“Baseball has a business side,” Pittsburgh manager Derek Shelton said. You have to understand that, and Reynolds will do his job as he always has.” Teammate Hays also said, “Reynolds is here to play baseball. He is the same person every day, no different than he was before. He expects that every day he will help the team win.

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