“It’s okay.”

Anyang KGC won 81-67 in the second leg of the championship match against 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball Seoul SK held at Anyang Gymnasium on the 27th. Four people, including Oh Se-geun (21 points, 9 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 steals) and Lens Abando (18 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 steals), scored double digits and played an active role.

There was also Moon Seong-gon, who did not stand out on the record, but played an active role while flying. Moon Seong-gon recorded 4 points, 6 rebounds and 2 steals in 30 minutes and 11 seconds.

Moon Seong-gon did not have a good shooting feel. He attempted a 3-point shot from around 45 degrees to the left in the middle of the second quarter, but failed. About a minute later, there was an open chance from under the goal, but Lim turned away from the ball. Afterwards, he reported his first goal with a goal under the net.

While competing for a rebound in the second half of the second quarter, Moon Seong-gon was stabbed in the eye by an opponent’s hand and complained of pain for a moment. He got up and stood at the free throw line, but both pitches were unsuccessful. There was a dizzying scene in the third quarter as well. In the process of playing the backcourt, he collided hard with an opponent and was unable to get up for a while after being knocked down. He was supported and retired to the bench, but came back to the court two minutes later and continued strong defense.

After the game, Moon Seong-gon was selected as a Distinguished Player and entered the interview room, but his expression was not bright.

Oh Se-geun, who was selected as a distinguished player together, explained the difference between the first game and the second game and said, “Spellman blocked Warney well. I think I will win easily if I exert more strength in the attack, but I am not sure when it will explode,” he smiled bitterly.

At these words, Moon Seong-gon, who was sitting next to him, was taken aback. Moon Seong-gon asked Oh Se-geun, “Am I okay?”

Oh Se-geun said, “Ah. you can put anything (During the game), he kept saying that he couldn’t get a shot because he couldn’t shoot. 스포츠토토

He continued, “I am in this position now because I did so well in front of me. Let’s do 3 more. My brother is also running. Look at this leg. know? I can’t even walk properly unless it’s in the stadium,” he said to Moon Seong-gon.

Moon Seong-gon said, “You don’t know how fortunate I am. Because we are on the same team,” he said and smiled brightly.

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