Jang Yeon-hak (26, Asan City Hall) lifted 182 kg in the third round of the raise and confirmed first place in this category, then put down the barbell and held a ceremony by raising both arms arrogantly.

It was an action with a unique sense of joy.

At the 2023 Jinju Asian Weightlifting Championships men’s 102nd class event held at Jinju Gymnasium on the 12th, Jang Yeon-hak radiated bright energy throughout the match.

Even after he made a disappointing record in the contest, he smiled brightly, saying, “Because I’m still young.”

Jang Yeon-hak lifted 182 kg of impressions, 210 kg of jerks, and 392 kg in total. Although he placed first in impressions, he slipped to fifth in jerks and finished third in the all-important total.

His close senior Jin Yoon-seong (28, Goyang City Hall) came in second with a total weight of 398 kg (180 kg for impressions and 218 kg for jerks).

Jang Yeon-hak, who entered the press conference with Jin Yoon-seong after the game, said, “I trained at the Jincheon National Training Center and said, ‘If I don’t win a gold medal at the Jincheon Asian Championships, I will live in the village.’ It’s a pity, but I kept my promise to win the gold medal.”

This is the first time Jang Yeon-hak has competed in the 102kg class.

In the men’s 85kg class at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang, Jang Yeon-hak won a silver medal with a total weight of 360kg (165kg lift, 195kg jerk).

Afterwards, Jang Yeon-hak, who struggled with an injury, raised her weight to the 96kg class in October 2022 and participated in the National Sports Festival, lifting 182kg, 211kg, and 393kg in total, ranking first in all three categories. In particular, he set a new Korean record for impressions.

In 2023, Yeonhak Jang moved up his weight class again, competing in the 102kg class at the Asian Championships.

He plans to compete in the 102kg and 109kg classes starting this year. Because of his memories of being injured when he lost weight, he took up a higher weight class.

Wanting to reduce his risk of injury, he moved up a weight class, but his weight gain was harder than expected.

Jang Yeon-hak confessed, “There are times when weight gain is more difficult than training. For me, ‘eating’ is also training. I raised my weight to 101kg ahead of this competition, and it was really difficult.”

However, he quickly found the ‘positive side’, saying, “Instead, I tend to lose weight well. After competing in the 109kg class, it will be much more comfortable when I have to lose weight to compete in the 102kg class.”

As the Olympic weightlifting event drastically decreased, the Asian Games and Olympic weight classes were completely different.

Athletes competing in the 109kg class in the Asian Games must compete in the 102kg class or over 102kg class in the Olympics.안전놀이터

Korean heavyweight champion Jin Yun-seong also competes in the 102kg and 109kg divisions to prepare for the Olympics and Asian Games.

Jang Yeon-hak can participate in international competitions only when he overcomes his senior, Jin Yun-seong, who walks the same path.

In particular, at the 2024 Paris Olympics, only one player per country per weight class will participate.

Jang Yeon-hak said with a smile, “I lost to senior Jin Yun-seong in the total record today, but since I’m two years younger, I want to participate in the Paris Olympics in 2024.” Cider. Still, to me, senior Jin Yunseong is a wall that I must overcome.”

Jin Yoon-seong, who received Jang Yeon-hak’s playful challenge, replied, “Jang Yeon-hak always gives me good energy.”

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