Nongshim Red Force player ‘Jiwoo’ Jeong Ji-woo pledged to show a better next season.

Recently, Xports News conducted an interview with Nongshim Red Force’s original dealer ‘Jiwoo’ Jeong Ji-woo (hereinafter referred to as Ji-woo) at the Nongshim Esports office. He showed impressive performance in the ‘2023 LCK Summer’ and attracted attention as a new 1st DPS player with a promising future.먹튀검증

What is the overall review of his first ‘LCK’ season? Jiwoo said, “When I first came to the first team, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to do it, but now that I’ve made it, it doesn’t seem to be too bad, so I’m quite satisfied. I think I can give it 70 points out of 100.”

Of course, this does not mean that we are satisfied with our current performance. He commented on himself, “When I was in the ‘CL’ (2nd team), I made a lot of early plays from the front even in late-half hypercarry games, but I think it was a shame that I wasn’t able to do that after coming to the 1st team.” He continued, “There were cases where we won half or even won the laning battle in the 1st team more than we expected, but I think we need to further improve the laning battle in the 2024 season.” He added, “Compared to the CL, the jungle, mid, and support levels were higher, so there were some difficult times. “There were many times when I died by mistake,” he said.

He continued, “The format of the game is very different when you don’t have the initiative and when you have the initiative. They say ‘LCK’ is a league that is crazy about laning and initiative, but after actually playing professionally, I thought it was worth going crazy about laning.”

Inishi is also an original dealer who actively calls and has a sense of stability. While talking about his playing direction, the topic of role models naturally came up, and Jiwoo said, “‘Ruler’ Park Jae-hyuk is my role model.”

He said, “I was in a scrimmage, but I watched the national team evaluation match at the Hangzhou Asian Games. When I saw Ruler’s play, I felt like it was different.”

Recently, Jiwoo attracted attention by extending his contract with Nongshim Red Force. The gaming team recently announced through their official channel that they will be working with him until 2025.

He said, “I received an offer from the company first,” and “I had affection for the team because I started at Nongshim from the beginning. And I thought they showed a good performance during the ‘2023 LCK Summer’, so I had a strong desire to join them.”

Of course, the goal Jiwoo wants to achieve at Nongshim Red Force in the 2024-2025 season is to advance to and win the World Cup. He expressed his aspirations, saying, “Even if I can’t wear the Nongshim Red Force uniform, I want to make it to the quarterfinals of the World Cup.” And to achieve this, he pledged to raise his performance, which he had previously evaluated at 70 points, to over 90 points. I think I have to do that to achieve my dream of advancing to the ‘LCK’ playoffs and ‘Worlds’.

Jiwoo and Nongshim Red Force were actually able to achieve that dream this season. The ‘LCK Summer’ playoff ticket war was a mixed bag until the very end, so many things were decided by the difference of 1-2 wins. Jiwoo also mentioned that, and chose the game against KT Rolster (Summer 2nd round on August 4th) as the most disappointing game throughout the season. It was a game where they won the first set against KT Rolster, one of the strongest teams in the summer, but unfortunately they lost the match.

In addition, he also mentioned increased awareness. Jiwoo and Nongshim Red Force gained many interesting nicknames in this ‘LCK Summer’. Representative examples include nicknames comparing Nongshim players to family and Pokémon-related nicknames created because of Jiwoo’s name. Ji-Woo has the same name as ‘Pokemon’ protagonist Han Ji-Woo, so the same team’s supporter ‘Peter’ Jung Yun-Soo was given a new nickname, ‘Peter Chu’ (Peter + Pikachu).

He said, “At first, the memes and nicknames were awkward, but thanks to them, I realized that I had become a professional player. I think my awareness has increased a lot thanks to the nickname.” He then said, “Peter liked the nickname ‘Peter Chu’,” causing laughter.

Another reason I realized I had become a pro was the Nongshim Red Force PC room. Nongshim Red Force is currently operating a PC room called ‘Red Force PC Arena’. He said, “I went there in person and it was good because there were a lot of goods. In particular, the menu called ‘Kaguri’ (curry + raccoon) you’re mine’ was created with my opinion reflected, and thanks to this, I realized that I am a professional gamer belonging to Nongshim.” He said.

What are the reactions of those around you to the level of awareness you have now? He said, “They pushed me a lot, saying, ‘Do what you want,’ but their response was that they didn’t know it would go this well.” He continued, “On the other hand, my friends responded that they knew it would happen like this because they know I play games.”

Since Jiwoo is also from CL, talk about Nongshim ‘CL’ naturally came up. They won the ‘2023 LCK CL Summer’. In the 2023 season, they won the championship even though many ‘CL’ members were called up to ‘LCK’.

He said, “I think the coaches are teaching me well. When I first joined the second team, I received a lot of teaching about line play. The next year, I learned how to see the big picture. In fact, when I learned it, I learned what I knew when I was an amateur.” “It was the complete opposite of ‘Lol’,” he recalled.

He continued, “There were a lot of things that I couldn’t learn in solo queue, such as checks and details in bot lane battles, bot 2v2 structure, and management. When I only played solo queue, I thought lan battles weren’t that important and I just had to be good at teamfights, but I also learned a lot in laning battles. “It was important. I think it was something I was able to learn because it was an official professional team,” he said. He emphasized that Nongshim Esports Academy provides good information.

At the end of the interview. Jiwoo gave his fans greetings for the upcoming Chuseok holiday and his resolutions for next year’s season.

He ended the interview with the comment, “I hope all the fans have a good Chuseok holiday,” and “I will come back with a better appearance during the ‘LCK Spring’ season next year.”

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