Daegu FC, which continued its pre-season camp in Kagoshima, Japan, finished its winter training that lasted for over a month and a half starting in Namhae with a forced march of two practice matches a day on the last day.카지노

Daegu FC, which focused on tactical perfection at the Kagoshima camp held from the 4th, recorded 1 win and 2 losses in three previous encounters with the J3 club, and recorded two consecutive wins in the practice match held on the last day of training in Japan.

In the practice game against the Miyazaki University team in Japan earlier in the morning, the team focused on checking the potential of various players by forming a team mainly with backup players.

Daegu FC took the lead with Kim Yeong-joon’s first goal and Park Yong-hee’s additional goal, which showed active movement from the first half. Both goals in the first half were assisted by Serato’s crosses, raising expectations for the real stage compared to concerns during training.

Even in the second half, Daegu, with an additional goal by Oh-sung, won 3-0 and succeeded in recording an undefeated march against the Korean and Japanese university teams this winter training.

In the match against J3 club Miyazaki in the afternoon, Cezingya, Edgar, and Baselus started, and Oh Seung-hoon was the goalkeeper, and almost all starting lineups this season.

In the game, Baselus scored the first goal with a penalty kick in the first half, and Park Se-jin, a rookie in the second half, also scored and won 2-0.

Daegu FC, which recorded 3 wins and 2 losses against Japan’s J3 and university teams in Kagoshima Camp, which continued for 14 days following the Namhae Camp practice match, narrowed the gap between the team’s main and backup players compared to last year, and was evaluated as having strengthened its core power layer. there is.

Daegu FC, who went to practice on the last day with even Keita recovering from a weak injury, is expected to finish the Japanese camp and return home on Friday with no injured players in hand.

After completing the camp from Namhae to Kagoshima, Japan, Daegu returns to Korea on the 17th and prepares for the opening ceremony next week. 

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