When will Kang Jung-ho School be effective?

NC veteran outfielder Son A-seop (35) was not very good with a batting average of 0.277, 4 homers, 48 ​​RBIs, 72 points, 7 steals, and an OPS of 0.714 in 138 games in 2022, the first season of a 4-year, 6.4 billion won free agent contract. It’s hard to see that he’s been very sluggish, but he’s slightly lost the sharpness of Son Asop.

Son A-seop struggled desperately last winter. He moved to Los Angeles, USA from last January and did personal training at Kang Jung-ho Academy. Kang Jung-ho left the baseball field unsavoryly due to a drunk driving strikeout, but in his second baseball life, he is helping his juniors.

Son Ah-seop regretted not spending more time at Kang Jung-ho Academy during Tucson spring camp in February. He confessed that he trained intensely as much as he did. It is rumored that the chemistry between Kang Jeong-ho and coach Huh Il from Lotte was quite good. He checked through the tracking data that the launch angle of the ball was low, and corrected it to about 20 degrees.

He analyzed that when he maintains about 20 degrees and his hitting speed is above a certain level, a lot of line drive hits come out, and his advantage of taking averages and on-base percentage comes back to life. He said that it was about 80% complete at the arrival hall at Incheon Airport, and said that he would supplement it in the demonstration game. 안전놀이터

Did you fill the remaining 20% ​​in the demonstration game? Son Ah-seop recorded 9 hits in 39 at-bats with a batting average of 0.231, 3 RBIs and 4 runs in 13 games. He walked 6 but struck out 10 times. Among the nine hits, the long hits were two doubles. Overall, there were not many good batting balls that looked like Son Ah-seop.

Anyway, mock exams are over. On the 1st of next month, it will be a real match against Daegu Samsung. Son A-seop’s early season moves are also of interest. For the 2022 season, he was 0-for-16 through his first five games from the opener. Because of his poor start, he had no choice but to be burdened with his batting average. Still, he had a good finish, getting hits in all of the last five games of the exhibition game. He has to wait and see if it leads to a good flow.

Yang Eui-ji (Doosan) and Roh Jin-hyuk (Lotte) were left out of the NC lineup this season. Na Seong-beom (KIA) filled the gap with Son Ah-seop and Park Gun-woo, but could not completely fill the power. In this situation, even Yang Eui-ji went out. NC is planning to fill the long-hit gap with the resurrection of Park Seok-min and the growth of Oh Young-soo, and it is important for Son A-seop, Park Gun-woo, and Park Min-woo to raise their averages more. A very important new season for Son A-seop begins.

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