Kim Min-jae (26, Naples) and the Premier League team are connected. Napoli offered a contract extension to catch Kim Min-jae, but it seems to have been rejected.

British media ‘The Sun’ quoted a report from Italy’s ‘Il Martino’ on the 17th (Korean time), “Kim has reportedly refused Napoli’s extension contract offer (Kim has reportedly told Napoli he has no intention to sign their offer of an extension)”.먹튀검증

Kim Min-jae joined Napoli last summer and had his best season. After adapting to the European stage at Fenerbahce, he showed unrivaled performance in Serie A. He progressed further under manager Luciano Spalletti and proved a top-class influence.

The same goes for European competitions. He contributed to the club’s first reaching the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League. He plays an active role as a core line for Naples, such as Victor Osimen, and has won Serie A 33 years after the late Diego Maradona.

The 2022-23 season isn’t over, but transfer rumors have ignited as the Napoli championship race comes to an early end. A few have signed new contracts, but Osimen and Kim Min-jae are consistently linked with top Premier League teams.

The team that Kim Min-jae is strongly connected with is Manchester United. There is a temperature difference between England and Italy. In Italy, “I have decided to transfer to Manchester United and only detailed adjustments remain” and announced the salary during the contract period, but in England, “It is not yet at that stage” and is watching. Even European soccer expert, Fabrizio Romano, announced that “Manchester United is interested.”

However, given the way things are going, there is a good chance that a Premier League team will offer a summer signing. From July 1st to 15th in Kim Min-jae, we are going to take advantage of the limited buyout. ‘The Sun’ pointed out, “Manchester United will offer a considerable salary. It will be an attractive condition for Kim Min-jae.”

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