The slumping Lotte Giants have moved their coaching staff between the first and second teams.

The Giants demoted first base coach Kim Pyeong-ho to the second team and added Na Kyung-min to the first team roster before their game against LG on March 23.카지노사이트

At the pregame press briefing, Lotte head coach Sutton explained the coaching changes, saying, “First of all, we’ve improved a lot in the stolen base department. “We’ve improved compared to last year, but we’ve been struggling lately, and we’ve been having issues at the plate, so we wanted to change the atmosphere,” he explained.

Lotte has lost all five of its recent series, going 3-12. They have fallen out of the top three and are two games behind the fifth-place group.

Go Seung-min (first base), Yoon Dong-hee (right field), Jack Rex (left field), Jeon Jun-woo (designated hitter), Ahn Chi-hong (second base), Han Dong-hee (third base), Park Seung-wook (shortstop), Yoo Kang-nam (catcher), and Kim Min-seok (center field) are the starting lineup for Lotte. The starting pitcher will be Park Seung-wook. Here’s what Sutton had to say before the game.

-How was Lee In-bok’s first pitch of the season?

It was my first start and I pitched really well. My command was good, and I had plenty of velocity. I made a lot of weak pitches. At the same time, the defense did a good job.

-You’re 3-12 in your last 12. How do you get through crunch time?

It’s a tough situation, and we’ve been trying to get the message out so that we can do the good things, the positive things, the things we’ve been thinking about. We kept emphasizing that no matter what, we’re going to get through it together as a team. There’s a cycle, so I think we’ll get to a point where the three things – hitting, defense, and pitching – are running a little bit smoother, and then we’ll go back up again.

-We didn’t score enough runs with the bases loaded yesterday.

There’s a couple different ways to look at it. One, we had a lot of strong at-bats yesterday and were able to put ourselves in a lot of good situations. In April and May, we scored a lot of runs after the second inning. I think we were probably 1-2 in the league. But now in June, I think we’re in the opposite situation, we’re not getting results, we’re generating a lot of hard hits, but we’re also getting hits right in front of the defense. It’s disappointing, but I’m trying to make sure that I make a lot of strong pitches.

-If you had to choose between hitting, defense, and pitching for a breakthrough right now.

I believe that pitching and defense win championships. Personally, I’m putting a lot of emphasis on hitting, but Ahn Kwon-soo, who had a great start to the season, is out with an injury, and shortstop Noh Jin-hyuk is not in the first team.

But that’s no excuse. We have to find a way and find a solution with the players we have available. We have a better lineup now, and we have to find solutions through our strengths.

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