Mid-lower team, rebound in the second half Recruitment of
Kiwoom Dawson and Lotte Gudrum
Hanwha Williams ‘sweat’ over sluggishness

What the top three professional baseball teams have in common this season is that they have decent foreign hitters. LG is standing at the top of the league by cutting off the ‘foreign batter cruelty’ that has been going on for several years. Considering that LG has played fall baseball without a foreign hitter for the past two years, Austin Dean, who is ranked second in RBIs, is no different from LG’s fortune. SSG, the defending champion, is chasing LG with Guillermo Heredilla, the “#1 batting average”, and Doosan cannot explain the recent 10 consecutive victories other than the rise of Jose Rojas, who is recording a batting average of 0.345 in July.카지노

The rest of the teams looking at fall baseball are only envious of the top three teams. He is dreaming of overturning at the last minute by picking up a card to replace a foreign batter who was sluggish, but he is still anxious.

As of the 22nd, 9th place Hanwha, 3.5 games behind 5th place Lotte, is troubled by foreign hitters throughout the season. Nick Williams, who was recruited during the season due to Brian O’Grady’s sluggish performance, is also not living up to expectations. Williams, who recorded 2 hits in 4 at-bats in the second game of his debut on the 28th of last month, reported a home run against Samsung on the 30th and was expected to become a driving force for Hanwha’s rise. However, Williams’ batting average dropped to 0.176 after that. Hanwha is eagerly hoping for a rebound by even modifying Williams’ batting form.

Lotte, who won 9 consecutive wins in 14 years and rose to the top spot in May, is also in jeopardy for fall baseball due to sluggish foreign batters. Lotte increased the number of victories by recruiting big league Lotte giant Nico Gudrum. Goodrum, who hit 42 home runs in 402 MLB games, is an all-around resource who can play both infield and outfield defense, and can stand at bat with either the right or left hand depending on the pitcher. Goodrum, who appeared for the first time in the game against Kiwoom on the 21st, played as third baseman and recorded 1 hit in 4 at-bats, but was silent in the next game with no hits in 4 at-bats.

8th place Kiwoom, who desperately needed a rebound, also brought in Ronnie Dawson as a substitute foreign hitter for Edison Russell after the first half. It is still early, but it is evaluated as successful. Dawson, who made his debut on the 22nd, hit a heavy hit from the first at-bat and scored an RBI, and showed active base play by running to third base on a hit by Lee Won-seok, the follow-up hitter.

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