South Korea defeated Japan and passed Group D of the group stage of the 2023 Sudirman Cup (World Mixed Team Badminton Championships) in first place. It has been cruising toward recapturing the top for the first time in six years and winning a total of five championships.

The badminton team won with a match score of 5¤0 in the final group D match against Japan held on the 17th at the Olympic Sports Center in Suzhou, China. In Group D, Korea took 1st place (3 wins) and Japan took 2nd place (2 wins and 1 loss), earning a ticket to the quarterfinal tournament.

Both Korea and Japan defeated France and England ahead of them and confirmed their passage through the group stage early. However, because of the significance of the Korea-Japan match, the pressure to overcome each other was as great as the joy of passing the group stage. Korean coach Kim Hak-gyun said, “(Korea-Japan match) is expected to be a mock test before the tournament. We have the best lineup,” he said. Japan coach Park Joo-bong said, “We both confirmed our progress to the quarterfinals, but the Korea-Japan match is a Korea-Japan match. Our goal is to rank first in the group stage.”

As the commanders of both teams said, this day was also full of fierceness unique to the Korea-Japan match. In Korea, all members of the team, including captain Kim So-young, called out the names of their teammates on the court. Japanese swords were also knocked on and shouted “fighting”.
In Korea, Kim Won-ho and Jeong Na-eun (#9 in the world rankings) won a set score 2-1 (19-21 21-15 21-5) over Yuta Watanabe and Arisa Higashino (2nd place) in the 1-match mixed doubles. overpowered They failed to chase after the first set, trailing 16-20, but continued to push their opponents in the second and third sets.메이저사이트

Minhyuk Kang, Seungjae Seo. Photo = Getty Images Korea

In the men’s singles match in the second match, Jeon Hyuk-jin (69th) won the match by defeating Nishimoto Kenta (15th) 2¤0 (21-11 21-19). Jeon Hyuk-jin, who had a 5-1 record of opponents apart from the world rankings, won three consecutive victories against Nishimoto, whom he met again after six years.

In the women’s singles 3 match match, Korea’s momentum rose, with Ahn Se-yeong (2nd place) beating Akane Yamaguchi (1st place) 2-0 (21-11 21-15) to secure victory. In the following 4 match men’s doubles and 5 match women’s doubles, Seo Seung-jae-Kang Min-hyeok (17th), Baek Hana-Lee So-hee (5th place) beat Hoki Takuro-Kobayashi Yugo (3rd place) and Fukushima Yuki-Hirota Sayaka (7th place) side by side. The game ended with a 2-0 (21-11 21-15), 2-0 (21-13 21-18) win. The opponents for the quarterfinals will be decided after the final round of the group stage on the 18th.

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