Professional basketball, which is heading toward the end of the regular season, is taking a breather after a long-awaited break. While the overall outline is gradually becoming clearer, the fight for the 6th round is a toxic spectacle. Suwon KT, Jeonju KCC, and Wonju DB are accumulating defeats side by side, predicting a last-minute ‘one-shot competition’.안전놀이터

Until the 21st, KT won 18-25 this season and kept 6th place in the league with a win rate of 0.419. KCC took 7th place right behind. There is no ride with KT, but it is only 4 li behind in the win rate. DB was in 8th place, one game behind these two.

The competition between the three teams also appeared at the end of the second round. At the time, the focus was on avoiding the last place. It was a time when DB fell from 2nd to 8th, and KCC and KT struggled in the lower ranks before tossing and turning between 9th and 10th. Afterwards, KCC once climbed to 5th place, but soon lost power, and the other two chased to the bottom of the chin.

Even at the end of the 5th round, where they are fighting for the right to advance to the playoffs, their strong relationship continues. As soon as DB slipped with 5 consecutive losses, KCC responded with 4 consecutive losses. Then KT also joined the ranks by giving victories to the top teams in a row.

KT, where Ha Yoon-gi and Yang Hong-seok account for a large portion of the attack, revealed its weaknesses in the process of losing consecutively to Seoul SK and Ulsan Hyundai Mobis. Since the two were blocked, there was no hole to solve the game. In particular, Yang Hong-seok scored 4 points in a row while playing for more than 29 and 20 minutes respectively.

KCC also has homework to rebound, but it is not an easy situation. Foreign player variables are large. After the sabotage controversy, Ronde Hollis Jefferson was expelled and Dion Thompson was recruited, but it is still unknown how he will perform in practice. It won’t be easy to come by.

DB is also rotting a headache because of the mercenary. Malcolm Thomas, who was recruited in place of Dewan Hernandez, who left the team due to injury issues, is extremely sluggish. The patience of the coaching staff and fans was exhausted when he only scored an average of 4.2 points in the five games he played after joining. However, it is difficult to find a replacement player due to the schedule that has already reached the end, and the worry seems to be deepening.

KCC is the first team to take a break like rain. On the 23rd, SK will be called home to play an outpost, and then on the weekend, they will meet with DB in a single bridge match that cannot be yielded. Depending on this result, the competition for the 6th round is expected to fluctuate once again.

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