Yoo Chang-hyeok, 9th Dan, challenges for the first championship in the Daeju Championship. Kwon Hyo-jin, 7th Dan, challenges her first professional championship. The finals of the 10th Daeju Cup Men’s and Women’s Professional Senior Competition will be held as a single match between two knights with the same goal.

In the semi-finals held at the K-Go studio on the afternoon of the 21st, Yoo Chang-hyeok, 9th Dan, defeated Kim Hye-min, 9th Dan. 1 hour and 30 minutes, 167 numbers of non-inheritance. He led the country to complete victory without any disadvantages. The opponent’s record ran away with 6 wins and 1 loss.

Yoo Chang-hyeok, who has a record of winning 28 professional championships, including 6 major world championships, has yet to win the Grand Jubae, the stage for seniors.

Dae Joo-bae started participating in the 6th competition and has achieved results in the quarterfinals, semifinals, runner-up, and round of 16 in turn. This is the second finals, and in the last 8th finals, Seo Bong-soo 9th Dan lost two and a half sets. 토스카지노

Kwon Hyo-jin, 7th Dan, won by 2 and a half over Lee Min-jin, 8th Dan. It overwhelms the opponent with a huge AI match rate up to 60 moves, but in the second half, it shakes greatly and allows the first reversal. However, Lee Min-jin, 8th Dan, soon lost his lead as his mind was relaxed.

Dae Joo-bae made it to the finals for the first time in the 8th class and made the quarterfinals, and in the 9th class, she ended up in the round of 16. This is the first time Kwon Hyo-jin, 7th Dan, has advanced to the finals in all competitions. It is a thrill achieved after 28 years and 4 months since he joined the pro team.

She has been in the men’s and women’s finals for the first time in three years in a major competition that significantly lowered her qualifications to participate to those over 50 years of age regardless of gender, from the 4th tournament to those over 30 only for women’s knights from the 4th tournament.

Regarding the opponent, Changhyeok Yoo, 9th Dan, is overwhelming with 4 victories. In the April ranking, Yoo Chang-hyeok ranked 85th and Kwon Hyo-jin ranked 206th. Yoo Chang-hyeok, 9th Dan, said, “I think it’s very important to manage myself because I lost most of the time when I had problems with my condition,” and Kwon Hyo-jin, 7th Dan, said, “I want to beat Instructor Yoo Chang-hyuk, whom I have never defeated before.”

The prize money for the 10th Grand Jury Competition for male drivers over 45 years of age (born before 1978) and female drivers over 30 years of age (born before 1993) is KRW 15 million for the championship and KRW 5 million for the runner-up. In this competition, the ‘time table’ is eliminated in the finals, and when the countdown is exhausted, the second album is deducted as a penalty point each time.

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