Oh Jae-won’s sniping at Park Chan-ho of the ‘Korean Express’ is causing controversy. 

In an interview with a lifestyle magazine on the 10th, Oh Jae-won criticized Park Chan-ho, even asking for his content to be exposed. He said, “I hate it so much. Now that I am a general, I can talk.” After emphasizing that he was the first player to earn the nickname “Korean Express” from a baseball fan, he said, “I don’t think the whole nation knows the gratitude of (baseball fans) who woke up at dawn and cheered him (Park Chan-ho).” 

Jae-Won Oh said that when Chan-Ho Park appeared as a commentator for an international tournament, he took issue with the words he said while pointing out the behavior or performance of a particular player. He said, “(Park Chan-ho) is not one or two players who made fools while commentating. It is not that 

there are no players who are troubled by the thoughts Chan-ho Park conveyed on the broadcast. He chews gum with a sad expression as Korea loses in the bronze medal match against the Dominican Republic at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Kang Baek-ho, who was caught in this relay, was like that. At the time, Park Chan-ho said, “You shouldn’t show that way.” There are more eyes to see. 

Jaewon Oh is currently working as a commentator for Spotify. There were quite a few favorable reviews for his voice tone and situation explanation. 

In the same interview, Oh Jae-won also conveyed his beliefs about the commentator’s attitude. He said, “Commentary is for three people (not members of the club). I think the purpose is to convey the exact situation to the listeners. (The commentator also) said things like ‘I was sorry for that defense’ and ‘I was sorry for that hit’ so easily.” Oh Jae-won defined the commentator’s personal opinion on the situation as ‘when I saw it’ as an irresponsible act, showing resentment at the situation in which the player was criticized and a bad image accumulated. With the expression ‘feast of irresponsible words’. Criticism toward Park Chan-ho was also an extension of his thoughts on his commentary. It’s not just the remarks of one ‘Park Chan-ho commentator’. 

Oh Jae-won played as a player on the field until recently. It could be that he directly listened to the feelings of the player who was hurt by Park Chan-ho’s words and criticized them. “There is no one who says it is not,” he said. It is said that there is a possibility that Park Chan-ho was shot with a gun in order to convey the message that the commentator’s remarks could adversely affect the players on the field. 

In fact, something similar happened in football. After the 2018 World Cup in Russia, coach Hong Myung-bo, who was a field worker (then executive director of the Korea Football Association), took issue with comments from commentators who were bitter about the national team and the reality of Korean soccer. He made vicious remarks toward committee members Ahn Jung-hwan, Lee Young-pyo, and Park Ji-seong. All of them were key players in advancing to the semifinals of the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup. 

Although they are seniors and juniors, each has their own position. Oh Jae-won’s gaze on Chan-ho Park’s commentary also seems difficult to cover up ‘right or wrong’. Oh Jae-won emphasizes that he wants to convey the player’s heart. 

The way the message is packaged seems to have brought controversy. Oh Jae-won’s remark that ‘Park Chan-ho doesn’t seem to know how to appreciate baseball fans’ is too much of a leap. There is no context. 

It is unclear how the bitterness toward a specific player in Korea connects with Park Chan-ho’s feelings toward baseball fans. Will it be judged that criticism towards the players ultimately hinders the success of professional baseball? Among those who supported big leaguer Park Chan-ho through relay broadcasts at that time, there are now baseball players, so it is not fair to criticize them. 스포츠토토

Even during his days as a major leaguer, Park Chan-ho participated in international competitions and even showed tears while taking off his national team uniform. It can be seen that he tried to repay the support given by baseball fans. Opinions may differ on the level of comments in the middle, but it is likely to be regarded as Park Chan-ho’s love of baseball. 

In the end, words such as ‘I hate the Korean Express’ and ‘Park Chan-ho deceived the baseball fan’ obscured the message Oh Jae-won wanted to convey. Perhaps the commentators were trying to convey the idea that they need to be careful with the level of their remarks when relaying. But in the end, all that was left was ‘I hate Park Chan-ho. He doesn’t know how to appreciate baseball fans’. I think I want to show that ‘I can criticize Park Chan-ho that no one else has done’. Park Chan-ho, who criticized the national team’s juniors, was also criticized by Oh Jae-won, so it is not right. 

Recently, Oh Jae-won said in a nuance that he “understands” LG Twins infielder Oh Ji-hwan, who was indignant at the referee’s ball judgment and broke the bat by striking it twice on the ground. It is a personal dog. They also show too much emotion while watching certain scenes. When I saw an outfielder’s catch mistake, I laughed too long or watched a home still, and instead of explaining it, I just admired it. It is the viewers, not the players, who listen to the commentary. 

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