Patrick Cantlay (USA) explained the ‘procrastination play’ staged at the Masters in a major tournament. He insisted that it was not that he was slow, but that the group in front of him was slow.

The US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour Masters ended on the 10th (Korean time) at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, USA. Jon Rahm (Spain) won the championship with 12 under par 276 strokes, and Brooks Koepka and Phil Mickelson (US), who moved to the LIV Golf Invitational, tied for second place, four strokes behind. 스포츠토토

Koepka led by two strokes over Ram until the third round, but reversed it in the fourth round. Koepka cited the ‘slow pace’ of the previous group as one of the reasons for the come-from-behind defeat. At the official press conference after the 4th round, Koepka said, “The front group was too slow,” and “Ram (accompanied by me) went to the bathroom as many as 7 times, and we waited and waited.”

Ram and Koepka play very fast. On the other hand, Cantlay, who was in front, is a golfer known for his procrastination. Viktor Hovlan (Norway), who was accompanied by Cantley, often acted as if urging Cantley to hit and move quickly.

Cantlay, however, explained that it was not his fault and that the ‘front row’ was slow. According to the Golf Channel on the 12th, Cantlay said, “It wasn’t that I was slow, the front row was slow,” and “all the players were slow that day.” Cantlay added, “After hole 1, I moved to hole 2, and the group in front of me just hit the tee shot.” “Augusta National Golf Club is a place where it takes a long time to hole out,” Cantlay said. “And to the pros, every shot counts.”

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