Even if Atletico Madrid withdraws from the match to sign Lee Kang-in (22, Mallorca), there are still many teams that want Lee Kang-in. It is news that La Liga Real Betis, which is listed on the midterm committee this season, is showing interest in Lee Kang-in.

Spanish media ‘Pichahes’ reported on the 14th (Korean time) that ‘Betis is interested in Lee Kang-in, who appeared like a comet in La Liga. They are not taking their eyes off the talented Lee Kang-in. Even his ransom is very cheap (compared to his skills).”

Lee Kang-in’s ransom is soaring amidst his great success this season.

Lee Kang-in recorded 6 goals and 4 assists in the league this season alone, achieving double-digit attack points. He became the first Korean player to record, including being selected as the best goal of the 30th round of La Liga and nominated for the La Liga Team of the season.Thanks to his performances, Mallorca are currently

12th in the league and are well away from relegation

. While he is expected to leave Mallorca, his estimated transfer fee is as low as 17 million euros (about 24.7 billion won) and as high as 20 million euros (29.1 billion won).Lee Kang-in wants to play on a bigger stage.Atletico Madrid, EPL Tottenham

Hotspur , Aston Villa, etc. are sending love calls to him.Atletico

Madrid has been known to be the front runner in Lee Kang-in’s recruitment, and it is said that they will be willing to pay 20 million euros to bring him.

[Photo] ⓒGettyimages (Unauthorized reproduction and redistribution prohibited)

[Photo] ⓒGettyimages (Unauthorized reproduction and redistribution prohibited)

[Photo] ⓒGettyimages (Unauthorized reproduction and redistribution prohibited)

However, the reality was different. Another Spanish media, ‘Football España’, said, “The price Mallorca is asking for is a problem for Atletico Madrid.” However, Atlético Madrid wants less than 10 million euros (approximately 14.5 billion won).”As Atletico

Madrid, the ‘big team’, pulled out of the match to sign Lee Kang-in, the argument that Lee Kang-in could head to the EPL was gaining momentum. España’ said: “EPL teams will have little problem paying 17 million euros. Considering this, it seems very unlikely that Atletico Madrid will sign Lee Kang-in.”

In the midst of this, as of the 15th, Betis, the 6th place team in La Liga, jumped into the race to recruit Lee Kang-in.

“Pichahes” said, “Betis is keeping an eye on Lee Kang-in,” and “He is a talented attacking midfielder.

[Photo] La Liga’s official social media account.스포츠토토

Lee Kang-in’s strengths were further listed. ‘Pichahes’ explained, “With his ability to beat the defense and his vision of reading the game, Lee Kang-in is attracting the attention of major teams, including Betis.”

However, Betis is not a financially secure club. This may act as a variable. The media said, “Mallorca has no intention of letting go of Lee Kang-in easily. Lee Kang-in’s buyout amount is 17 million euros, a considerable amount that reflects his value and potential. Betis is torn between their financial situation and the desire to build a team with Lee Kang-in’s talent.”

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