Lee Kang-in’s team, Mallorca, finished the first half behind.

On the afternoon of the 9th (Korean time), Valladolid and Mallorca face each other through round 28 of the 2022-2023 Spanish La Liga at Estadio Municipal Jose Soriya in Valladolid, Spain. The first half ended with Bayodolid leading 1-0.

Valladolid started with Oscar Plano, Kyle Larryn, Gonzalo Plata, Roque Mesa, Martin Ongla, Quique Perez, Lucas Hossa, Javier Sanchez, Joaquin Fernandez, Ivan Fresneda and Jordi Majif.

For Mallorca, Vedat Muric, Lee Kang-in, Manu Morlanes, Inigo Luis Degalareta, Amas Ndiaye, Jaume Costa, Denis Hajikadunić, Antonio Raiyo, Martin Valyent, Pablo Maffeo, Predrag Rykovic is the selection

In the 21st minute of the first half, Mallorca created a decisive opportunity first. Costa received the ball from the goal kick and sprinted to the penalty box. Instead of shooting in front of the goalkeeper, he chose to pass. However, Ndiaye’s kick was missed and the goal was canceled. 먹튀검증

In the 23rd minute of the first half, Lee Kang-in’s individual skill shone. It was a series of Marseille turns to get out of the defensive camp. Lightly stripped 2 opponents. Afterwards, as several players surrounded him, he passed to a colleague.

In the 24th minute of the first half, Ndiye received an exquisite pass and hit the goalkeeper from the front, but it was intercepted. The corner kick that followed was handled by Lee Kang-in. Muriki kicked the ball that fell in front of the goal, but was blocked by the physical defense.

In the 28th minute of the first half, Ndiaye again faced the goalkeeper one-on-one. This time, he was blocked by the goalkeeper who jumped out, so he couldn’t even shoot.

Valladoli scored the opening goal in the 33rd minute of the first half. Perez did not fully receive the cross passed to him and bounced high, but he connected it with a volley. The ball was sucked into the goal.

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