It may have been one game out of 144 for some, but the players’ will to win was as strong as ever. The Lotte Giants took a breath of fresh air as they ended their losing streak to close out the week.

Lotte snapped a four-game losing streak with a 7-2 victory in the seventh game of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League against SSG Landers at SSG Landers Field in Incheon on April 18. With the win, Lotte improved to 32-28 (.533) on the season and closed the gap on the fifth-place Doosan Bears to two games.

Lotte, which clinched its fourth consecutive losing series with the previous day’s loss, piled on the runs in the first inning with three straight hits and added three more in the top of the sixth for a 4-0 lead.

Starting pitcher Charlie Barnes pitched his best game of the season, going seven innings, giving up five hits and two walks while striking out four.토토사이트

While the fans were eager to end the losing streak, the coaching staff and players were the most eager, and that’s where the captain came in. Before the game, captain Ahn Chi-hong called a meeting to deliver a message to the players.

Han Dong-hee, who went 2-for-4 on the day, described the pregame meeting, saying, “(Captain Ahn) told us that we can have a losing streak at any time, but it’s up to the players to break it.” “He told us to be more confident because it’s not something that anyone can do for us, but something that we have to do ourselves,” she said.

Not only Ahn, but also the coaching staff, including Lotte head coach Larry Sutton, asked the players to play with confidence. Han Dong-hee, who was 1-for-11 before the game after returning to the first team, was grateful for the coaches’ advice, saying, “They told me it was okay and that I should be more aggressive.”

The team could have been somewhat disheartened by the number of losses, but the Giants, who are united by their “confidence,” are determined to move forward one step at a time. It will be interesting to see if a victory on the 18th can be a turning point for Lotte.

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