I want to read the ‘Winning Letter’ that I have been sleeping for a long time now. It’s a dream I’ve been dreaming of ever since I dipped my toe into LPBA.

Debuting in the inaugural season of the PBA, she instantly became a hot topic for her beauty, and later made her mark as the youngest member of NH Nonghyup Card in the team league that was created.

Compared to other players, the pitch is not long. At the urging of his father, he took up cueing from the third year of high school. In 2017, he won the Korea Billiard King 3 Cushion. His grandfather, who strongly opposed billiards, saying, “Billiards is a bullshit game,” turned into a stronger fan than anyone else when his granddaughter achieved good grades. Virtually as soon as he started playing billiards, he jumped into the LPBA. He is a ‘Dog Geunsaeng’ who played almost every game in every season.

On the 9th, I sat face-to-face with Jeon Ae-rin (24) at a practice range in Ilsan. Jeon Ae-rin, who has a tall height, calm expression and quiet tone, expressed her determination even more clearly. Looking back on last season, he opened his speech by saying, “I’m reflecting.”

When asked, “What season do you think you played?”, he said, “Even though there are no clear results on the surface, it seems that my personal ability has improved a lot.” The report card is ‘Pongdang Pongdang (19-20 season 36th, 20-21 season 12th, 21-22 season 43rd, 22-23 season 24th)’. Still, he has managed to rise in the rankings this season. Is there a reason why ups and downs come every year?

“It’s because I keep learning the ball from others,” he said. So (if you learn from someone else), I had the idea that I should throw away the skills I had.”

LPBA Jeon Ae-rinⓒMHN Sports Reporter Lee Ji-sook

Kang Min-goo was the most comfortable player to learn, and Jo Jae-ho was the player who said that he personally felt the improvement in his skills when he learned. But there is no right way. He said calmly, “In fact, there is a lot of confusion from the content we follow because we feel it’s okay rather than the experience of bumping into each other.

He, who delivered an adult-like answer, also had days when he was greatly shaken and wandered. He played an active part in the 21-22 season team league NH Nonghyup Card, and after that, it was decided to release when he did not perform well. But no time was given to prepare his heart. He spent the last period카지노사이트

“At that time, (Kim) Mina unnie and Pro Jo Jaeho contacted me very urgently, and I only found out about the release after receiving the phone call. ‘, I was so afraid that I wanted to quit playing billiards at that time. Every time I was shaken because it was difficult, the uncles of the club gave me a lot of harsh words, and the pros from NH Nonghyup Card took turns encouraging me, how to hold on to my heart. I realized it quickly.”

In his place, Bo-mi Kim filled the void. To Kim Bo-mi, who felt sorry for taking her sister’s place, Jeon Ae-rin held out her hand first, saying, “It’s a relief that her sister is in.”

Recently, his performance has risen sharply, and rumors of his rejoining the team league are growing. Since this season, the number of teams has increased to 9, and the supply and demand of players has become more intense. In particular, LPBA has a narrow pool, so if you don’t take good players in the early stages, it will be more difficult to fight for rankings.

He said, “When I was there, it was a draw, but recently, with the 7th set, the team’s weight has changed tremendously. If I go to the set, I will think of it as a really good opportunity, and I will be very grateful just to be in the bracket,” he said calmly.

A change came to the LPBA system. From the 23-24 season, survival will disappear, and the number of individual tour matches will increase by one day compared to before. In the meantime, LPBA players have expressed difficulties with matchups against opponents with no data, unfamiliar game methods, and rules that do not directly affect each other.

Jeon Ae-rin said, “I think I played survival more bluntly than I thought,” but “It was a game played by four people, so it was difficult because the term turned around late. I continued to practice survival, but in some ways it is difficult and in other ways it is a comfortable system.”

He shyly shared his personal history, saying, “I don’t normally like sweet things like candy and snacks, but I enjoy drinking soup and side dishes.” He has only one goal. he always wins Before winning, there is a real goal.

“I wrote a letter to my father to read to him at the match when he won, but he’s been writing for four years. My father is waiting for that. I want to win and read the letter to him now (laughs).”

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