Chairman of the Hulk Foundation and former director Lee Man-soo always says, “I am starting a happy old age in the latter half of my life.”

After retiring from the SK Wyverns (predecessor of SSG Landers), his mind was empty, but the chance to go on a baseball mission to Southeast Asia enriched the mind of current manager Lee Man-soo. On the other hand, he said, “For the past 53 years, I have only walked on one path, baseball. Then, I left the field and went to Laos, where I was unfamiliar, to live a second life. For the first time in my life, I realized what a meaningful life is.”

In particular, when he was active or when he was a coach/director, manager Lee Man-soo always showed a fighting spirit on the ground. The result even led to the glory of experiencing his Major League World Series victory. However, director Lee Man-soo reflected on the process he had tasted the peak of and said, “I want to tell young people and young students. You will realize that you are truly walking the path of happiness when you live a valuable and meaningful life.” 카지노

It has been 10 years since I spread baseball by becoming a relationship with CEO Janee in Laos. And now it is Director Lee Man-soo who is expanding the scope to Vietnam.

In 1904, just as missionary Philip Gillette spread baseball to Korea, coach Lee Man-soo also stepped on Laos with the same feeling. Literally, he spread baseball with a ‘little hope’. However, the local situation was too poor to start with passion, and baseball itself could not be accepted. A full-sized baseball field was built in Laos, and the first Southeast Asian Championship was held at that baseball field. Coach Lee Man-soo is having a very busy day for the upcoming Southeast Asian Championships.

Laos is in fact surrounded on all sides by the Indochina Peninsula. In other words, it is a transportation hub. It is available both by land and by air. So, it was Lee Man-soo’s idea that it would be easy to hold an international competition. It took 10 years to make that ‘dream’ a reality.

Director Lee Man-soo always emphasizes “Never ever give up!” So, “Giving up on the way doesn’t fit my life philosophy. So, I was able to run hard without being discouraged or despairing. From the start of baseball in Laos until now, Laos will surely become the center someday in my deep inner self, and I will play international baseball.” I have been running with the dream that the competition will be held.”

On the other hand, coach Lee Man-soo responded to the voices of many fans who wanted him to join the professional baseball team, saying, “I am so grateful and undeserved of that voice. There is not a little bit, and there is no such greed at all.”

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