Meet the Designer : Alina Skyler

Meet the Designer: Alina Skyler

Meet Alina Skyler

Alina Skyler hails from Brooklyn, New York where she lives with her husband, 3 children, 2 dogs and a tank full of fish. She started designing her collection as early as 2009, using precious materials in unexpected ways to create pieces that you would want to covet but that would also last forever. She wanted to design a jewelry line that was enduring, both in style and investment, and not just an ephemeral, seasonal splurge.

Her collection is heavily influenced by flora, fauna and the natural world; sentiments of bygone eras; and pieces that are directly created from vintage elements; all with a unique, modern twist. Finding inspiration in everything from her background in literature to growing up during the heyday of the New York club scene, Alina’s design showcase the many facets to her personality.

The collections are meant to be timeless- the pieces are multi-generational and unexpectedly classic. While she has not been classically trained in design, Alina grew up in an artistic household where she was able to hone her natural eye and ability. Alina is fascinated by the juxtaposition between rough, raw and natural elements mingled with glamorous, shiny and polished elements. Many of Skyler Man designs showcase the beauty in the conflict of those two opposing aspects unified in beautiful harmony and set together to create one veritable piece.

The line evolves and progresses year to year and even month to month. Alina is constantly designing, and new pieces are consistently being introduced. Join Alina and the Skyler Man team on this exciting journey, follow us on social media or sign up to our mailing list to be the first to hear about exciting Skyler Man news!