Coach Bob Melvin left for the San Francisco Giants. Now the San Diego Padres must also appoint a new head coach.짱구카지노, the official Major League Baseball website, reported on the 26th (Korean time) that “San Francisco signed a three-year contract with manager Melvin.” Although there was one year left in the three-year contract he signed with San Diego, Coach Melvin, who conducted the San Francisco interview under mutual agreement with the club, left the team without completing his term.

It was reported that Coach Melvin’s departure was due to a disagreement with San Diego general manager AJ Preller. As San Diego’s performance was poor, discord between the two surfaced. General Manager Preller announced that he would continue to work with Coach Melvin next year, but less than a month later, he let Coach Melvin go. Since General Manager Preller took office in 2014, six coaches have left the team.

Now San Diego also needs to select a new head coach. reported, “The process of selecting San Diego’s 23rd manager is scheduled to begin soon. Mike Schilt, the third base running coach, and Ryan Flaherty, who is serving as the bench coach and hitting coordinator, are being mentioned.”

General Manager Preller expressed his respect for the former coach, saying, “I would like to thank Coach Melvin for his contributions. I hope he achieves the best in San Francisco as well,” and added, “We also need to select a new coach. I am very excited about the process.” He said he would accelerate appointments.

Coach Schilt, who was mentioned as a candidate for head coach, began his leadership career at the St. Louis Cardinals. He served as third base coach, bench coach, etc. before taking command of St. Louis in 2018. Although he also won the National League Manager of the Year award in 2019, Schilt was sacked in 2021. And in 2023, when San Diego’s third base coach Matt Williams stepped down from his position to undergo treatment for colon cancer, he took on the position of interim coach.

San Diego is looking for a new coach from outside as well. said, “Both Schilt and Flaherty are under consideration, but San Diego also plans to interview external candidates. Melvin’s resignation is expected to bring many changes to the San Diego coaching staff. The new manager’s influence is expected to come into play.” He said.San Diego’s new manager also has an influence on ‘Korean major leaguer’ Kim Ha-seong. Manager Melvin has placed infinite trust in Ha-seong Kim, and Ha-seong Kim has grown into a top infielder in the major leagues. Attention is being paid to who the new person who will lead Kim Ha-seong will be.

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