The NBA’s biggest issue over the past five years is the ‘GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) Controversy’. It is a debate over who is the greatest of all time, ‘Basketball Emperor’ Michael Jordan or ‘King’ LeBron James.

Since it has been mentioned so many times, it can be trivial. However, whenever there is a change in LeBron James, it is also the topic that touches the most fiercely among basketball fans.

CBS Sports of the United States reported that ‘If the LA Lakers show strength in the playoffs this season, the LeBron James and Michael Jordan GOAT debate could become more intense’.

In the ‘Orlando Bubble,’ the LA Lakers took the championship ring. In addition, LeBron James broke the all-time scoring record. All-time assists are 4th.

Just five years ago, Michael Jordan’s status as the greatest player of all time seemed unshakable. However, LeBron James’ monstrous durability and consistency have made him unmatched in terms of cumulative stats.

In the end, it is also true that there are more and more evaluations that he is equal to or slightly superior to Michael Jordan.

CBS Sports said, ‘The GOAT controversy is likely to end up with a simple fact. Statistics and data and the number of rings will be the most important factor. However, as much as the numbers, the basketball fan’s image of the most dominant player of that era is also very important.’ 먹튀검증

CBS Sports said, ‘Jordan’s resume is always surprising. He is completely flawless in the data, such as 6 championship rings, 6 finals MVP, 0 finals losses, 10th top scorer, 5th regular league MVP, etc. ‘Michael Jordan was the most dominant player of his era. On the other hand, Lebron had many players to check, such as his contemporary Stephen Curry, and his image as an overwhelming player was weak (compared to Michael Jordan).’

Besides, the local pundits always said, ‘LeBron James built a super team and won with relative ease. On the other hand, Michael Jordan also emphasizes that it is a result achieved after struggling with a team in the Chicago Bulls.

So this playoff is important.

The LA Lakers had a lot of twists and turns in the regular league this season. There is a strong supporter named Anthony Davis, but the Los Angeles Lakers have had a lot of ups and downs, such as trades during the season. The ‘GOAT debate’ could end if 38-year-old LeBron James leads the Los Angeles Lakers to a championship this season, or to match it.

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