A specific plan for the tournament held by the NBA during the season has been released.

According to Yahoo Sports reporter Ben Robrock, details of the in-season tournament have emerged.

Through this labor-management agreement, the NBA agreed to hold the tournament during the season it so desired from the upcoming 2023-2024 season. This so-called mid-season tournament doubles as a group stage in a specific match in the regular season, and the final 8 teams play in the tournament.

Tournament games are included in regular season games. Only the finals of the tournament will be held as separate matches. The four teams that have passed the quarterfinals will move to a specific venue to play. As the semi-finals will be held in different cities, the two teams will be playing their home games in different cities.

According to this guideline, 30 clubs are organized into 6 groups of 5 teams regardless of the existing regional divisions. Some of the regular season matches also serve as group stage matches. Teams are ranked based on the results of two matches each, home and away. Through this, the 6 teams that finished first in each group and the 2 teams with the best results among the 6 teams that ranked 2nd in each group will advance to the finals. Rules regarding ties for ranking calculation are under discussion.

The grouping for the tournament also deserves attention. If you get out of the existing zone and belong to a group, the regular season match is a group stage. Depending on which group they belong to, it becomes easier to advance to the finals. There are not many matches because you have to take first place in each group to advance to the finals, but if you look at the competition, one match has an immediate impact on advancing to the finals. 온라인카지노

All subsequent tournaments will be single-legged. There’s also the thrill of looking at different leaderboards during the season to see what you can do to make it to the finals. It is difficult for the tournament to have a significant meaning right away, but it will provide other attractions. It remains to be seen which team will survive in the end. Members of the winning club will receive prizes of $500,000 each.

Since the regular season game takes precedence, the existing core power must of course play regardless of group rankings and tournament progress. This is because it is reflected in the regular season rankings, excluding the season finals. In addition, in this labor-management agreement, a personal reason for the minimum number of games required for each division award in the regular season was added. However, it remains to be seen whether the best players will emerge in the finals.

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