Nolan Arenado (32, St. Louis Cardinals), who is considered the best third baseman in the major leagues, announced his retirement plan early.안전놀이터

Arenado said in an interview with, the official website of Major League Baseball, on the 6th (Korean time), “I think it would be good to retire at 38.”

Arenado was drafted by the Colorado Rockies with the 59th overall pick in the second round of the 2009 Major League Baseball Draft. He was called up to the big leagues in 2013 after graduating from the minor leagues in four years. He has been playing for St. Louis since the 2021 season after changing his uniform with a trade.

Arenado’s career is splendid enough to be called the best third baseman in the major leagues. He has a career batting average of 0.289 (1520 hits in 5268 at-bats), 299 home runs, and 968 RBIs in 1384 games, with an OPS (on-base percentage + slugging percentage) of 0.881. Arenado’s strength is outstanding defense that goes beyond hot offense. Since his 2013 debut, he has won the Gold Glove for 10 consecutive years. He also won the Platinum Glove six times, given to the best defenseman in the league.

Arenado is currently at the pinnacle of his career, but he set his retirement date a bit prematurely. “I think it’s better to retire at 38,” he said. “I don’t want to play baseball until I’m 40 like Adam Wainwright (42, St. Louis) or Albert Pujols (43). The focus is on retiring at 38.”

Arenado said that while he announced the timing of his retirement, his passion for baseball hadn’t cooled down yet. “Sometimes I think my training intensity is really high. And sometimes I get tired of taking everything seriously. I need to relax more. I want to show people who I am. I want to do that,” he explained.

Finally, Arenado said, “I know that at some point you slow down as you get older. I hope ‘slowness’ doesn’t happen to me sooner. I’ve been around players who get tired quickly as they get older. I never want to be that person.” He pledged to perform unchangingly on the ground without losing his skills and passion.

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