The two strong pillars of Korea University, Park Moo-bin and Moon Jeong-hyun, foretold unwavering performance in the next season. 메이저사이트

For the 2023 College Basketball League, the Korea University basketball team has been conducting winter field training in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do since the 13th. 

Kim Tae-wan and Lee Doo-won, freshmen in their 20s, are heading to pros, while Park Moo-bin and Mun Jeong-hyeon are currently in their senior year at Korea University. As they are high school students, Park Moo-bin and Moon Jung-hyun are playing a crucial role as a bridge between the coaching staff and juniors. 

Although the two players have many roles, Park Moo-bin and Moon Jung-hyun took a resolute attitude as if they had nothing to worry about. 

First, Park Moo-bin, the captain, said, “It seems like just yesterday that I entered Korea University as a freshman, but I have already become a senior and captain. I have a lot of responsibility as a captain at the prestigious Korea University, but I am working hard. I’m communicating in line with that. It won’t be easy to catch both rabbits with grades and communication, but I will lead the team well by imitating the good points of the previous captains.” 

Vice-captain Moon Jeong-hyeon also said, “(Park) Moo-bin, the coach, and the coach are helping me to keep my hands and feet in sync. I am working hard thinking that my juniors will follow me if I show a good attitude.” 

Since the lower grades, Mun Jeong-hyeon and Park Moo-bin have been favored by coach Joo Hee-jung, being used as the main pillars of the team. In addition to this, Korea University had the best year by winning the league championship last season as well as winning the first regular match against Yonsei University in three years. As the team’s performance was good, we can’t help but look forward to this season’s performance as well. 

Park Moo-bin said, “I won all competitions last year, but the only loss to Chung-Ang University is in the prison. I have to save my words, but I want to carefully run with the goal of winning all victories this year. The injury I received at the end of last season has already recovered. Personally, “My goal is to spend this year without injury,” he said. 

Moon Jung-hyun also said, “I will advance to the pros after this season, but personally I think shooting is important. The first goal is to show confidence on the outskirts. I don’t care about evaluations from other outsiders. If we do as we do, I think there will be good results and the team will be able to achieve good results. As a team, the goal is to win all games,” he expressed his confidence. 

Can Korea University, centered on Park Moo-bin and Moon Jung-hyun, continue its hegemony from last season? The upcoming 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League will open on March 6th. 

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