Although more than 100 newcomers join the club each year, only a few stand out.
In a professional stage where success cannot be guaranteed even if you are nominated in the first round, 2nd round rookies who are not envious of 1st rounders have appeared.
Reporter Kim Han-jun covered the story.

After catching a fast ground ball that passes through the infield, it is sprayed to 1st base in reverse action.

He also jumps and catches hit balls heading into the right outfield.카지노사이트

This is Moon Hyun-bin, a high school graduate from the second round of Hanwha.

Hyunbin Moon is originally a second baseman, but because of his athletic prowess, he has also played at shortstop, third base, and center field.

Even going to the outfield, he has a defensive ability that can be super catchy and even a fierce blow, and he has been guarding the first team entry throughout the season.

▶ Interview: Moon Hyun-bin / Hanwha Eagles infielder
– “My goal is to do my best in every given situation and not get hurt… My goal is to survive well in the first team this season.”

In the 5th inning, SSG 2nd rounder Song Young-jin grounded all three batters.

It is the first time as a rookie this year to win 3 wins in the season by winning the match against Hanwha Mun Dong-ju, who throws 160 km.

Song Young-jin, who started in the bullpen, continued his good pitching as a substitute starter, and now has become an essential pitcher in the first team.

▶ Interview: Song Young-jin / SSG Landers Pitcher
– “My goal is to help the team as much as possible, and given the opportunity, I think I have to prepare accordingly and show a good performance.”

There are 2nd rounders that are not envious of the 1st round, so it is more enjoyable professional baseball.

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