Despite starting on a day off due to unforeseen circumstances, Jung-hyun Moon (4F, F, 194 cm) made his presence felt.

Moon started KU’s 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League home game against Konkuk University at Hwajung Gymnasium on Nov. 15 and finished with 24 points, three rebounds, six assists and four steals in just 23 minutes and 56 seconds of action. He shot 69 percent from the field, including two 3-pointers. KU also got a strong performance from Kim Tae-hoon (21 points, seven rebounds, three assists, and two steals) to win 91-64 and move to within one win of the outright title.메이저놀이터

As the score suggests, it was a game dominated by Moon Jung-hyun. Moon led the team’s offense with nine points in the first quarter, showing off a variety of scoring routes, including taking control of the game and aggressively going one-on-one with Freddie. She also assisted Kim Min-kyu on a fast break dunk with 41 seconds left in the game.

Head coach Joo Hee-jung had initially planned to rest Moon Jung-hyun to minimize the risk of injury as the team had already clinched the regular season title and was about to be called up for national team training. However, Park Mubin suffered a cracked nose during a recent practice, so Moon Jung-hyun got the start.

Head coach Joo Hee-jung said of Moon, “I had to play differently than planned because (Park) Mubin got injured. I tried to give him a break because he might get injured, but he played hard despite his sudden appearance.” Park played only 15 minutes and 36 seconds.

Moon Jung-hyun said, “I knew it would be a tough game because my reliable partner (Park) was injured. I had the mindset that I had to score more points for him,” Moon said.

KU won its second straight regular season title, but the KU game was played with a little less steam. Second-ranked Yonsei was swept by Dankook University on the 13th, taking away the last of KU’s magic number.

“I watched the game between Yonsei and Dankook, and the wind was a little off,” said Moon Jung-hyun. If we still lost, we could have held the regular season championship ceremony in an ambiguous atmosphere, so we tried to focus more than usual,” said Moon. Moon continued, “Last season, we were very disappointed with our one loss. We prepared more for a more complete victory. Last season, we played as a team, but this season, we played as a team.”

Moon, who is in his fourth year, is considered a potential No. 1 draft pick alongside teammates Park Mubin and Yoo Yoo-sang (Yonsei). He has also been training with the national team this year after last year.

He is as popular as he is proven. Moon is a “reserve star” who has been drawing huge crowds at home and away games this season. When asked about this, he said, “I think they came to see a handsome player and then noticed me playing hard. I’m getting a lot of gifts. I’m always grateful to my fans,” he laughed.

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