Ulsan Hyundai’s ‘victory fairy’ Rubikson had more regret than failing to score a hat-trick for the first time since his K-League debut.

In the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 Round 6 home game against Suwon Samsung held at Ulsan Munsu Soccer Stadium on the 8th, Ulsan defeated Suwon 2-1, thanks to the performance of Rubikson, who scored 2 goals in the first half only, and Kim Kyung-joong made up for one goal. won with

Ulsan, who won 6 straight wins after the opening, maintained a lead by 4 points ahead of 2nd place Pohang Steelers with 18 points from all 6 matches. Suwon, who failed to add points, remained in 11th place with 2 points from 2 draws and 4 losses.

Ulsan dominated Suwon until the first half. In particular, Rubik’s hand shined. In the 32nd minute of the first half, Um Won-sang pushed a pass into the corner of the goal to score the opening goal, and a minute later, Seol Young-woo’s cutback pass was followed by a left-footed turning shot to score multiple goals.

However, in the second half, Suwon struggled with a wave of offensive attacks. Mulich’s shot was lucky to hit the post, and Basani’s penalty kick was blocked by Jo Hyun-woo. Even after that, until the end of the game, the defense team’s physical defense and Cho Hyun-woo’s super save added to win by one point.

Rubikson, who brought victory to Ulsan with multiple goals, was recognized for his contribution and was selected as the Distinguished Player of the Game. However, Rubiksson was not satisfied with his performance that day. He rather regretted failing to score a hat-trick.

Rubiksson, who participated in the interview with Suhun after the game, said, “The first half was very satisfactory,” but “the second half was not good. “he said. 온라인카지노

“Again, I think the performance in the second half was not good. As a result, I think it is fortunate that we were able to add three points.”

Rubiksson, who joined Ulsan ahead of this season, made an outstanding performance by scoring multiple goals for the first time after entering the K-League. However, Rubiksson’s regret for not scoring a hat-trick seemed greater than his first multi-goal.

Rubiksson said, “I’m happy to win by scoring two goals. However, I was able to record a hat-trick for the first time, and it’s a pity.”

He also thanked the coaching staff. “The coaching staff said they were satisfied with the plan. I gradually increased my playing time, and it wasn’t until the 6th round that I played full-time for the first time. I’m glad I was able to gradually adapt to the new league.”

Lastly, when asked to compare Martin Adam and Joo Min-gyu, he replied, “The two are definitely different. I think it’s a good competition. They are different types of strikers, and I have to adapt depending on which striker I play with.”

He added, “At an unexpected time, Adam was replaced due to an injury and Jo Min-gyu came in, but I think he was able to play well. Adam is a good player.

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