“We need to treat him specially, different from other players.”

Pepper Savings Bank Yeom Erheung (19), a naturalized middle blocker from Mongolia, is one of the players who is highly anticipated by fans. He was selected by Pepper Savings Bank as the first overall pick in last year’s rookie draft, and his height is 195cm. She is taller than ‘Spider Hands’ Yang Hyo-jin of Hyundai Engineering & Construction (190cm) and ‘Volleyball Empress’ Kim Yeon-kyung of Heungkuk Life Insurance (192cm). The tallest player in the V-League women’s division.먹튀검증

The blocking height is considerable. However, he has the disadvantage of being too slow, but he receives the highest score in height, which is the best virtue to have as a middle blocker.

However, it is not easy to see him on the court. The reason is because of injury. My right knee has been bad since I was a student at Mokpo Women’s Sang, and at the beginning of the season, I was diagnosed with re-rupture of the right knee joint (inner knee) and lateral meniscus and went to the operating table. In her debut season, she appeared in two matches (three sets) and went scoreless. It was a disappointing record for her.

Since then, Yeom-eo-leheng, who has devoted himself to rehabilitation, has improved his condition to participate in the 2023-24 season. However, it is not a full-time appearance. Knees still need care. It is difficult to show 100% performance.

This is because, in addition to her right knee, there was a problem with the other knee. A Pepper Savings Bank official said, “After the end of last season, abnormalities occurred in the other knee, so the timing of his return was further delayed.”

That’s why Pepper Savings Bank director Joe Tringe is also taking special care of Yeom-eo-le-hung. He is not ready to play full time yet, but he is being slotted into the starting lineup. He plays the full first set, then replaces Ha Hye-jin at the start of the second set. No matter what happens after that, he will not be included in the game. Unlike other coaches, instead of adding it in the middle of the set, they put it in at the start of the game and let them play the full first set and then do not add it in the middle of the set.

Pepper Savings Bank played 4 games this season, and Yeomeo Leheng played in all 4 games. However, he only played one set in all four games, and has no record of playing from the second set. Ha Hye-jin or Seo Chae-won enter.

Coach Trinzi said, “Yeo Leheng needs to be treated specially compared to other players. “He needs to make use of his height, which is his strength, but improve his experience, blocking, and leading, which can be his weaknesses,” he said. He reads the atmosphere at the beginning of the game, and from then on, he watches the game from outside.

In the GS Caltex game held at Gwangju Pepper Stadium on the 27th, Yeom Leheng appeared as a starter along with MJ Phillies (registered name Phillips) of the Asia Quarter. Of course, this time too, he only played in the first set, but he scored 3 points, including 2 blocks, giving Pepper Savings Bank a big boost in taking the 1st set. Blocked the attacks of Minji Kwon and Giselle Silva (registered name: Silva). Highest individual score this season.

Even though we lost the game, Coach Trinzi said, “Yeomeorehun did well. He is improving. “His blocking using his height, which is his advantage, also stood out, and he also showed strong offensive power.”

He has enough blocking ability to block the attacks of the 191cm Cuban special Silva, and his presence stands out just by standing. However, full time is still difficult. A player who plays only one set is actually not of much help to the team. In addition, he needs to quickly improve his condition to prove why he was selected as the first choice based on his 195cm height.

When will the day come when Yeomeoreheung can play full-time?

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