The joy of winning Serie A is short-lived. Italy’s Napoli are in danger of losing a key player this summer. Instead, you can receive a large transfer fee. It is a crisis and at the same time an opportunity to rebuild the team squad.

Italy’s Napoli Magazine borrowed news from Gazzetta dello Sport on the 12th (Korean time) and said, “If Min-jae Kim and Victor Osimen leave the team, Napoli will get 200 million euros (about 300 billion won).” Kim Min-jae and Osimen are the first-class contributors to Napoli’s league championship this season, but they also caught the eyes of big clubs with outstanding performances. Monster defender Kim Min-jae has been linked with England’s Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham and France’s Paris Saint-Germain. The rumors of a double Manchester United transfer are hot. Man Utd News, which mainly deals with Man Utd news, said on the day, “Man Utd has been closely observing Korean defender Kim Min-jae. Prepare to pay Kim Min-jae’s buyout amount of 60 million euros (about 87 billion won), which will be activated for about 15 days from July 1st. It’s going,” he explained.

Kim Min-jae showed the highest level of performance in Europe beyond Serie A this season. He appeared in 33 league games and showed off his impregnable defense in every game. According to, a European football statistics media, Kim Min-jae received the highest rating of 7.10 among Serie A center backs. He showed excellent physical and tough defense even against world-class strikers. Kim Min-jae recorded an average of 1.6 tackles per game, 3.6 clearings, and a pass success rate of 90.8%. For pass completion percentage, he was named eighth overall in the league. Thanks to this, Napoli won the league championship 33 years after the 1989-90 season, when club legend Diego Maradona played an active part. Man UTD News positively evaluated, “Kim Min-jae has demonstrated his power with solid physical and aerial balls. Therefore, Kim Min-jae has all the conditions to succeed in the Premier League.” On this day, Eurosport also praised “Kim Min-jae, Osimen, and Hvica Kvarachhelia as the best signings of Napoli general manager Cristiano Giuntoli.”

Manchester United is trying to recruit Kim Min-jae to relieve defensive anxiety. Team centre-backs Rafael Varane and Lisandro Martinez are suffering from injuries both big and small. Considering the recovery period, there are concerns about the condition of the next season. Here, Harry Maguire, Victor Lindelof, and Phil Jones, who were pushed out of the main competition, are likely to leave the team. Even Manchester United, which is full of world-class players, has a good chance of winning the main competition. ManUTD News also predicted, “Kim Min-jae will be a fantastic signing for Man Utd. Considering Baran’s injury history, Kim Min-jae can have a good chance to take the starting line next season.”

‘Nigeria Bomber’ Napoli striker Osimen also played a big role. He has scored 23 goals, the most in the league, in 28 league appearances this season. He showed formidable explosive power despite missing quite a few games early this season due to injury. He is the leading scorer in Serie A. Lautaro Martinez (Inter), who is second overall in scoring, is chasing with 19 goals, but with only four games left in the league schedule, it doesn’t seem easy to overturn it. Naturally, love calls from big clubs trying to recruit Osimen are pouring in. It is known that Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain, and Bayern Munich, a prestigious German club, are also interested in Kim Min-jae. Osimen wore the Napoli kit last 2020. At the time, the transfer fee alone amounted to 80 million euros (approximately 117 billion won). Napoli will likely need to pay much more than this to sell Osimen. According to British Football Transfers, Napoli wants 160 million euros (approximately 233 billion won) for Osimen’s transfer fee. This is the third highest transfer fee in football history.카지노사이트

This means that if Napoli sells Kim Min-jae and Osimen this summer, it can collect a huge sum of over 200 million euros. As the wallet gets thicker, he plans to boldly reinforce players. Already, the names of candidates for the center back recruitment to replace Kim Min-jae are coming out. A representative player is Atalanta defender Giorgio Scalvini. The Italian player is a 20-year-old young prospect. However, he has been active as a starting member, appearing in 28 league matches this season. He is 194 cm taller than Kim Min-jae and is famous for his fighting spirit. He is also praised for his excellent dribbling and passing skills.

Italy’s Tutomercatoweb said, “Napoli is preparing for Kim Min-jae’s departure.” “We are keeping an eye on Scalvini, and Napoli have already started contact with Scalvini. Although it is still in the preparation stage, negotiations will materialize in the next few weeks. It could be,” he predicted. In addition, Greek center back Konstantinos Mavropanos, who is active in Stuttgart, Germany, is being discussed as a candidate for Napoli. He is young at 26 years old and led the team’s defense by appearing in 26 league games this season. Stuttgart is having a tough time, sitting 18th in the relegation zone (28 points). If Stuttgart drops to the second division, Napoli’s recruitment process will be easier.

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