Professional Billiards PBA Team League 1st round NH Nonghyup Card (17 points) and 2nd place Crown Haitai (16 points) compete for the championship on the final day of the 1st round.

On the 10th at the 토토사이트‘Goyang Kintex PBA Stadium’ in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, in the 8th day of the first round of the ‘Welcome Savings Bank PBA Team League 2023-2024’, NH Nonghyup Card beat High1 Resort with a set score of 4-1 with Jo Jae-ho’s two wins, They secured 1st place with 3 points. As a result, if NH Nonghyup Card wins the game against Hana Card on the final day, the championship will be confirmed on its own.

The momentum of NH Nonghyup Card, which had three consecutive victories, was great. The Jo Jae-ho-Oh Seong-wook combination, which boasts an overwhelming win rate with ‘4 wins and 1 loss’ in the first set, defeated Rupi Chennet (Turkiye) and Lee Choong-bok 11-4 in 6 innings, adding one win. Then, Kim Bo-mi and Kim Min-a defeated Yong Hyeon-ji and Lee Mi-rae 9-4 in 7 innings, and ‘captain’ Jo Jae-ho won 16-10 (6 innings) with 6 high runs in a singles match against Chenet and set the set. They ran away with the score 3-0.

NH Nonghyup Card gave away a set in the men’s and women’s mixed doubles with Kim Hyun-woo-Kim Min-ah Nguyen Phuong Linh (Vietnam)-Lee Mi-rae 4-9 (7 innings), but immediately last season’s PBA Tour’Rookie of the Year’ Antonio Montes (Spain) Nguyen Against Duc An Chien (Vietnam), he scored 8 high runs and won 11-2 in just two innings, confirming the team’s victory.

With this, NH Nonghyup Card, which maintained its sole 1st place by adding 3 points, maintained a 1-point gap with Crown Haitai (16 points), which placed 2nd, after defeating Welcome Savings Bank on the same day and adding 3 points.

The winning scenario of NH Nonghyup Card, which is the most advanced in the championship competition, is simple. On the final day, the 11th, in the match against Hana Card during the day, as long as you win regardless of the points, you will be able to confirm the championship on your own. In the PBA Team League, 2 points are awarded to the winning team and 1 point to the losing team in the case of a full set match.

Conversely, if NH Nonghyup Card loses to the second place Crown Haitai and wins the match against SK Rent-A-Car at 11:00 pm, it is a situation where you can aim for a last-minute win overturn. If the points of the two teams are tied according to the match result on the final day, NH Nonghyup Card will win the championship according to the winner-to-win rule.

In another game on the 8th day, Huons defeated Blue One Resort and added 3 points. In a tense situation with a set score of 2-2, Javier Palazon (Spain) defeated Chan Chapak (Turkiye) 11-4 in 4 innings, followed by Jeon Ae-rin’s Throng Piabi (Cambodia) 9-7 ( 10 innings) and ended the game.

Against SK Rent-A-Car, SY won all the female players’ sets (2nd set women’s doubles, 4th set mixed doubles, 6th set women’s singles) and won SK Rent-a-Car with a set score of 4-2. After giving up the first set, SY defeated Lee Woo-kyung and Han Ji-eun 9-0 (6 innings) over Kang Ji-eun and Hida Orie (Japan) in the second set, followed by Lee Young-hoon and Han Seul-gi defeating Jo Joon-hwi and Hida 9-5 (5 innings), Park In-soo defeated Kang Dong-gung 11-4 (5 innings) in the 5th set, and Han Ji-eun defeated Kang Ji-eun 9-4 (12 innings) in the 6th set to secure the victory.

On the 11th, the last day of Round 1 (Day 9), starting with Hana Card and NH Nonghyup Card at 12:30 noon, Huons and Welcome Savings Bank at 3:30 pm, High1 Resort-SY at 6:30 pm, 11:00 pm The match between Crown Haetae and SK Rent-A-Car continues. Blue One Resort is taking a break.

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