Muryong High’s guard Kim Geon-ha caught the attention of former and current professional basketball players.

Kim Geon-ha participated in ‘Under Armor Next: Camp Series Korea’ at ATB Wirye Branch in Songpa-gu, Seoul from the 19th to the 21st. Thirty high school freshman and junior high school basketball players recommended by KBL team scouts and middle and high school coaches participated in the event.

On the 21st, a pick-up game was held to select 6 people to participate in the US IMG Academy program. KBL and WKBL active players such as Oh Se-geun, Yang Hong-seok, Lee Woo-seok, Park Ji-hyeon, Lee So-hee, Heo Ye-eun, Lee Kyu-seop, Kim Hyun-joong, Jung Young-sam, Yang Hee-jong, and Choi Soo-hyun, as well as professional basketball reporters, participated as judges and evaluated the players.

The player that basketball experts picked first was Kim Geon-ha. The performance shown in the pick-up game was one of a kind. His passing ability, which is considered top-notch on the high school stage, was such that KBL’s top players such as Oh Se-geun and Yang Hong-seok stuck out their tongues. The most eye-catching part was the defense. During the pick-up game in the morning, he used his momentary speed to block the opponent shooter. The short height of 175 cm was not a problem at all. Kim Gun-ha was the name that went up and down the most on the lips of the judges that day.메이저놀이터

Kim Gun-ha’s role model is Yang Dong-geun (coach of Hyundai Mobis), who is considered one of the best guards in KBL history. Kim Geon-ha said, “When I was in the second grade of elementary school, I fell in love with Yang Dong-geun’s play and thought I should become a basketball player. Yang Dong-geun was good at everything, whether it was offense or defense. When he played, he also showed good leadership. He always tries to be confident like Yang Dong-geun on the court.”

Kim Geon-ha, who received high marks from the judges, was invited to the IMG Academy, which is only given to six people. He leaves for Bradenton, Florida, USA in August. He said, “It was a fun time to get to know basketball friends from other schools, and I was really surprised by the scale of Under Armor. Thanks to Under Armor’s good camp, he had a good time and got a good opportunity. Under Armor is the best!” and smiled.

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