In December 2021, the non-FA multi-year contract that SSG took the starting point is quickly taking place. At the time, like SSG, it creates a negotiating table for non-FA multi-year contracts with players who are about to go free agency as well as players recruited through trade. Kim Tae-gun (34), who transferred from Samsung to KIA through trade on the 5th of last month, and Choi Won-tae (26), who transferred from Kiwoom to LG on the 29th of last month, are candidates for the next non-FA multi-year contract.

There is no 100% correct answer. The contract, which many people nodded at the time of the announcement, also has a question mark over time. The first non-FA multi-year contracts are SSG Moon Seung-won, Park Jong-hoon, and Hanyu Island. All three are having a worse season than before the contract. There are players who continue to play an active role after signing, but there are also cases where they face injury issues that they were concerned about like Chang-mo Koo.먹튀검증

The success or failure of a contract cannot be known in advance. So hard. Like free agent contracts, successful contracts and failed contracts coexist.

What is clear though is that KIA needs Kim Tae-gun and LG needs Choi Won-tae. Because it was necessary, I recruited them through trade and kept the door open for non-FA multi-year contracts as needed in the future. In the case of Kim Tae-goon, he gets FA status after this season. In other words, in order for KIA and Kim Tae-gun to sign a non-FA multi-year contract, the contract must be completed within this season.

The fair value came out to some extent. Even if the exact size of contracts that players and clubs want is unknown, the market trend so far can be used as a reference.

With catcher inflation steady, Park Se-hyuk, who recorded an OPS of 0.636 at Doosan last winter in the 2022 season, signed a free agency contract with NC for up to 4.6 billion won over 4 years. It is a contract that can be controversial when looking at Park Se-hyuk’s batting index, but there is a high probability that the point Kim Tae-gun’s side is looking at is similar. Both of them are of similar age.

A special starting pitcher is always worth gold. The baseline that Choi Won-tae’s side is staring at is worthy of being Park Se-woong (5 years, 9 billion won) and Koo Chang-mo (up to 7 years, 13.2 billion won). Choi Won-tae is also similar in age to Park Se-woong and Koo Chang-mo. Gu Chang-mo and his birthday are only one month apart.

The difference between them and Choi Won-tae is that he has already completed his military service and has the upper hand in his persistence. Among the three, Choi Won-tae is the only one who has played more than 100 innings every year since the first season of first-team selection. He has pitched 10 or more innings in seven consecutive seasons and 974.1 career innings so far this year.

LG and Choi Won-tae have time to spare as Won-tae Choi gets FA qualification after the 2024 season. Of course, a multi-year contract is possible at any time before applying for free agency. Koo Ja-wook and Oh Ji-hwan won the Golden Glove prior to the FA season. And the Golden Gloves led to the gift of a multi-year contract.

Being rewarded as much as you do well is the world of pros. In the past, you had to wait for free agency for a while, but now you have a big option called a multi-year contract.

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