Oh Se-geun heads to the championship game again. 

Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation won 89-61 in the match against the Goyang Carrot Jumpers in the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Pro Basketball Quarterfinal Playoff Game 4 held at the Goyang Gymnasium on the 19th. 

KGC beat Carrot and won a ticket to the championship match. KGC has the honor of advancing to the championship match for three consecutive years.

‘Lion King’ Oh Se-geun’s presence shone in the 4th game as well. Oh Se-geun scored 16 points and 6 rebounds to support the team.

Oh Se-geun said, “I’m happy to advance to the championship decision for three consecutive years. It was a tough game, but I feel good because I played a perfect game.”

Oh Se-geun also succeeded in a long-distance buzzer beater during the third quarter. He told the secret that he saw the effect of practicing long guns, which he usually did often.

Oh Se-geun said, “I practice a lot of long-po, and the results came out. (Laughs) When the atmosphere is good after a workout, the coach makes a long-po bet once, and he gives 100,000 won each to the winner. It costs more. (Laughs) I put it in, so they say to shoot it, but I will shoot it once,” he smiled.

KGC’s opponent for the championship match is SK. Oh Se-geun, who failed to win the championship for the second consecutive year after being blocked by SK last season, said in a previous interview that he wanted to meet SK in the playoffs. 먹튀검증

Oh Se-geun said, “SK’s first arrival didn’t lead to motivation, but it seemed like it would come up. I wanted to stick with SK.

Regarding Jameel Warney and Kim Seon-hyung’s threatening attack power, “We have to block it well. I’m not going to tell you how to do it now. I’ve seen how LG can block (Kim) Seon-hyung, and I wonder if we should do it that way too, and the two players are in very poor condition. I will defend with the determination to block any player I like.”

It is a championship game with the variable of Choi Jun-yong’s injury and departure. It is not easy for Choi Jun-yong to play in the championship match as he is not easily recovering from his injury.

Oh Se-geun said, “(Choi) Jun-yong’s physical condition and SK’s team chemistry right now, I thought that if Jun-yong was in a very good state, it could be rather bad. I don’t know how good Jun-yong is, but SK is really I like it, so I have to be very wary of the current SK.”

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