Los Angeles Angels Japanese pitcher and hitter Shohei Ohtani (29) has also engraved his name in the history of Major League (ML) All-Star voting.

The Angels team announced on the 23rd (Korean time), citing the announcement of the Major League Secretariat, that “Ohtani was selected as the American League designated hitter for the 2023 Major League All-Star Game.”먹튀검증

Ohtani won 2,646,307 votes in the All-Star Game fan vote held from the 1st to this day, ranking first in the American League overall.

The player who participates in the Major League All-Star Game is not immediately selected by the player with the most votes for each position, but a runoff vote is held for the two people (6 outfielders) with the most votes for each position, and the player who gets more votes is included in the starting lineup.

However, there is a way to go straight to the All-Star game in the first round of voting. It is to rise to the top of the overall vote in the American League and National League respectively. Because of this, Ohtani was qualified to participate without the second round of voting. In the National League, Ronald Acuna Jr. (26, Atlanta) recorded the most votes with 3,082,600 votes.

As a result, Ohtani participated in the All-Star Game as the designated hitter for the third consecutive year in the American League. According to the Angels team, David Ortis (48, 2011-2013), a Boston legend who entered the Hall of Fame after retiring as a Boston legend, was the only player in major league history to top the All-Star fan vote for three consecutive years as a designated hitter. Among the Angels players, Ohtani is the third overall All-Star fan-voted American League leader, following Rod Karyu (1979) and Mike Trout (2019).

Previously, Ohtani participated in the 2021 All-Star Game as a starting pitcher and number 1 designated hitter. It was the first time in the history of the Major League All-Star Game that a player started as both a pitcher and a hitter in the same year. In last year’s All-Star Game, he didn’t stand on the mound and only played as a hitter.

Ohtani, who entered the major leagues in 2018, is performing at his best this season. As of this day, he is leading the major leagues in all home runs (24), slugging percentage (0.616), RBI (58), and OPS (0.993) combined with slugging percentage and on-base percentage. In particular, he has been playing a hot role in ‘Crazy Mode’ in June, and was selected as the American League Player of the Week last week.

Ohtani’s helmet. /AFPBBNews=News1
Pitcher Ohtani’s performance is also excellent. He is 6-3 with a 3.13 earned run average in 15 starts this season. In particular, his batting average of 0.179 is the lowest in the league. That means he is difficult to hit Ohtani’s ball.

Meanwhile, the results of the fan vote for the players who advanced to the second round will be announced on the 30th through ESPN, a sports channel. Players selected here will start for the All-Star Game.

This year’s Major League All-Star Game will be held on July 12 at T-Mobile Park in Seattle, Washington.

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