Is it time to prepare to settle down in one place?

Ohtani (LA Angels), a Japanese Major League Baseball star, is not unusual. This season, it’s not big, but it’s because small injuries continue. Because it is Ohtani who doubles as a two-hitter, it could be that her body is giving her a signal.먹튀검증

Ohtani took the mound as a starting pitcher in the home game against the Seattle Mariners on the 4th (Korean time). He also came out to bat at number 2 as usual. Ohtani played a scoreless fight until the 4th inning, but did not show up in the 5th. If he only blocked one more inning, he could qualify as a winning pitcher, but he said he had a steel plate, so there was one reason. injury.

What was known after the game was that the middle finger of his right hand, where he was throwing the ball, had a spasm. It is said that Ohtani voluntarily gave up because he thought he would ruin the team lead situation. The fighting spirit Ohtani did not fall out as a hitter, and hit the 40th home run of the season in the 8th inning. After the game, Ohtani said, “It is not a big injury,” and the story of the injury was buried, but in fact, the Angels and Ohtani cannot help but worry.

Ohtani was able to become the world’s best baseball star because he wrote the myth of ‘two swords’. I don’t know if one of them is lacking, but I can’t help but like Ohtani because he throws a 160km fastball on the mound and hits home runs every day at the plate.

However, it is not easy for a professional player to throw a ball every 5 days as a starting pitcher and go out as a batter every day. It consumes a lot of physical strength, and you also have to endure psychological pressure. When you’re young, your body can handle it, but

Maybe that’s why there are small problems this season. He couldn’t throw the ball properly due to nail and blister injuries, and last month he complained of muscle problems in his side. And this time it was a right middle finger spasm. It’s not a big enough injury to be on the injured list right away, but it seems to be a problem caused by accumulated fatigue. It is the season ahead of free agency, and Ohtani’s increased concentration in each game can be a cause of rapid physical exhaustion as he staked his life and death on advancing to the postseason.

In the end, the time will come when Ohtani will have to give up ‘double sword’ someday. It is difficult for a player over 30 to continue to deliver top-notch performances as a pitcher and hitter. Ohtani is also a person who is not a god. I don’t know which club to sign a free agent contract with after the season, but it seems that a serious discussion about the two-hitter dual job is needed.

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